Abstract Christmas Card Template

Are you on the hunt for a fun and creative holiday project? Look no further than our Abstract Christmas Card Template. It’s an ideal way to add a personal touch to your holiday celebrations without much stress. This is a quick and easy Christmas craft that can be done in the classroom as the main focus is on coloring.

Abstract Colorful Homemade Christmas Card Template

Inside this collection, you’ll find four different card designs. You can choose to black and white version that’s meant to be colored in, which is perfect for kids, or go for the pre-colored option for a quicker solution.

Choose Quality Paper: To make your cards stand out, print them on cardstock, this also allows for using markers as you color in the card. It will provide a sturdy base for your cards and enhance the overall presentation.

Trim Carefully: Once you’ve printed the templates and your kids are finished coloring them, take your time to trim them. Once trimmed, carefully glue the colored in abstract designs on to the cards.

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Abstract Colorful Homemade Christmas Card

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