Bunny Outline Templates

Step into a world of creativity with our bunny outline templates, tailored for Easter crafts for kids.

Unleash your kid’s imagination and fun with these versatile templates, perfect for various crafting adventures!

Bunny Outline Templates

The set includes 48 bunny outlines sorted into four groups (giant, with one bunny outline on the page; large, with two bunnies; medium, with four bunny outlines; and small, with six bunny shapes).

Crafting ideas for our printable bunny outlines:

  • create large-scale bunny wall art
  • cut out the bunny outlines and use them as a stencil for various projects
  • Easter bunny cardmaking projects for kids
  • use them to put on puppet shows or act out Easter-themed stories
  • string together multiple bunny printouts to create a festive banner (you can print them on colored paper)
  • decorate Easter baskets with painted bunny printouts
  • create bunny masks
  • craft bunny cupcake toppers (gluing on a toothpick or small skewer) to decorate Easter treats

These crafting ideas will inspire creativity and provide hours of fun with bunny-themed outline templates of different sizes!

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Printable Bunny Outline Templates

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