Christmas Puppets Template

We are delighted to introduce an engaging and creative Christmas activity that promises to bring joy to children of all ages: our Printable Christmas Puppets.

These delightful paper Christmas puppets offer an enjoyable craft activity, allowing young ones to color and assemble a diverse array of festive characters.

Christmas Finger Puppets Template

This comprehensive set features the ten most beloved Christmas figures, including the charming gnome, Santa Claus, the snowman, the Gingerbread Man, a heavenly angel, the iconic Nutcracker, a lovable reindeer, an adorable penguin, Mrs. Claus, and the ever-energetic elf.

These printable finger puppets are conveniently available in both black and white and full-color versions. The pre-colored ones also come in two skin tones.

To assemble them all that is required are scissors and glue, and the short assembly instructions are printed on each page. This Christmas craft works well on regular print paper, however heavier print paper or cardstock is a better choice.

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Christmas Finger Puppets

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