Christmas Split Pin Puppets Template

Christmas split pin puppets bring a touch of nostalgia to your home. In this printable PDF template, there is a selection of all-time favorite Characters that your kids (or yourself) will love assembling. It’s a super fun Christmas craft to make.

These cute characters are super easy to assemble and fun to play with.

Christmas Split Pin Puppets

This festive set includes many printable templates all of them available in both black and white and full-colored versions.

Using split pins, kids will create movable Christmas characters that will make the season extra special. Print the templates, poke the holes, and assemble the characters.

Heavier print paper/construction paper is best for printing these, however, you can also print them on regular print paper, cut the parts, and laminate them.

There are eight different Xmas puppets in this set: Santa Claus, a reindeer, two elves, an angel, a snowman, a Gingerbread Man, and a nutcracker.

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Christmas Split Pin Puppets Craft

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