Dinosaur Outline Templates

Greeting from prehistoric times, where your kids can travel back and create masterpieces with our dinosaur outline templates.

You’ll find the eight most known dinosaur silhouettes in the set.

Dinosaur Outline Templates

Each dinosaur comes in two versions – an outlined one like a coloring page and a bold black version.

You’ll get to choose the size of your dinos – each one comes in two sizes.

We’ve included all your kids’ favorite dinosaurs, such as brachiosaurus, triceratops, tyrannosaurus (T-Rex), pterodactyl, stegosaurus, plesiosaurus, spinosaurus, and a velociraptor.

You can use these templates for decorations, paper cards, acrylic art, and more!

A fun idea children can try is to paint an environment for their ancient giants using acrylic paints or other coloring supplies. Whether they go with a lush jungle, rocky volcano, savannah scene, or a blue river, it’s up to them!

And when they’re done, they can glue on their favorite dinosaur to finish their artwork!

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Dinosaur Outline Template

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