Disguise a Turkey Project

Disguise a turkey is a fun Thanksgiving craft and writing activity that is perfect to either make in the classroom or to send out to parents to make with their kids at home.

Disguise a Turkey Printable Template

Our printable template takes this project to a whole new level! There are multiple versions of the template, allowing kids to express their creativity to the fullest (there’s a blank turkey template where kids can create a disguise from scratch).

There are also a whole lot of mix-and-match printables (many hats, accessories, clothes) that kids color in and stick to their turkeys in many unique ways.

Last but not least, there are also over 25 pre-set character printables that will make disguising a regular turkey into a footballer, witch – or any of the other characters easy peasy.

Two writing papers are also included, allowing the kids to write about their disguises.

We recommend using cardstock for this project; however, the regular print paper will work as well.

Simple instructions are included, as well as handy 3-per-page instructions that can be given to kids to take home.

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