Draw and Trace Letter S Worksheets

Trace the letter S! But first, warm up your kid’s hands by having them draw a snake. Or a sailboat, strawberry, sun, spider, snowman, socks, snail, star, squirrel, scarf, sloth or anything else that starts with the letter S.

Two worksheets in this set, lower case S and upper case S.

Snakes are fun to draw when practicing the letter S, so you might hint at this animal when kids are selecting what they will draw.

As they draw their letter S creation, whatever it might be, they will warm up their hands which will help them out with tracing practice after.

When done drawing, let them continue by tracing the letter S, and if they feel confident enough, have them try to write the letter S independently on the last blank line.

Draw and Trace Letter S Worksheets for Kids

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