Fairy Tale Matching File Folder Game

Can you match up all the fairy tale characters? In this fairy tale match file folder game kids need to find the bottom halves of the fairy tale characters and make them whole.
12 fun characters to put together: a silly unicorn, 2 lovely princesses, a brave knight, two loud pirates, a beautiful queen, 2 elegant kings, 2 cute flying fairies, and a gorgeous mermaid.

An entertaining game that’s best for kids in preschool, toddlers, while kids in kindergarten will enjoy the fun game too.

To set up the game, print all 3 pages.

Set the first two aside and cut the 12 rectangles with the bottom parts of fairy tale characters’ bodies. Laminate the bottom parts of fairy tale characters’ bodies and attach velcro on the back. Laminate the sheets with top parts of fairy tale characters’ bodies. Attach velcro inside the dashed line rectangles. Find the pairs to make the fairy tale characters’ bodies whole.

Fairy Tale File Folder Game

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