Fall Color by Number

Help your students practice numbers from 1 to 5 with this fall color by number worksheets set.
As the designs are simple and numbers are only up to 5 this set is best suited for preschool and kindergarten.
Each page has a color key at the bottom to guide students in coloring the picture (available both in black and white for kids who can already read a little and in color version to help out younger kids) .
On the first page, kids will be coloring a hedgehog carrying a mushroom and an apple on its back – supper cute design. The second page has a squirrel holding an umbrella – how cool is that? On the third page, kids need to color in a forest and some mushrooms – a gorgeous little fall scenery. The fourth page has two Mason jars to color, and on the last of the worksheets in this set, kids will be coloring boots and umbrella along with some fall leaves.
Fall Color by Number Worksheets for Preschool and Kindergarten

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