I Have, Who Has Shapes and Colors

This fun I have, who has card game is great for both learning shapes and shape revision. Your students will love playing this game, it’s a fun one to play and not a stressful one to play either. A wonderful group activity that won’t take up long and it’s easy to set up.

We’ve included a variety of versions for this game – with start and end cards (the student who gets the card with the word start on it starts the game by calling “Who has”, and the student who has the card with “end” ends the game), and a version without the end and start cards, where the educator stops the game, when they see fit (you can do multiple rounds).

There’s a version where there are shape images only and a version where there are pictures of shapes on one end of the card, and shape names written on the other end of the card. As there are some differences in the spelling and naming of some of the shapes, multiple versions are included (US and UK).

I Have Who Has Shapes and Colors

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