Jellyfish Craft Template

We’re sharing a sea of creativity for kids, a jellyfish craft template suitable for kids of all ages!

Dive into the imaginative world as little ones decorate their jellyfish with paper strips or any other materials of their choice.

Swirly Paper Jellyfish Craft Template

The set includes two printable templates available in two sizes.

Choose a printer-friendly or full-colored version if kids want to craft right away!

We gathered some ideas on how this template can be used:

  • cut colorful paper strips and have the kids either make curly tentacles or zig-zag folded tentacles
  • cut lengths of colorful yarn, creating tentacles in various colors and adding a textured effect
  • twist pipe cleaners into curly shapes and attach them to the jellyfish for bouncy and playful tentacles
  • wrinkle up tissue paper to make the tentacles

Easy, fun, and limitless possibilities!

Let the underwater crafting adventure begin by logging into your account (or becoming a member if you haven’t already) and downloading the PDF.

Swirly Paper Jellyfish Craft

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