Leaves Counting To 3 File Folder Game

Can you count from 1 to 3? Let’s give it a go with this fall counting to 3 file folder game. In this easy to set up counting file folder game your kids or students will be counting small groups of leaves, each one with either one, two or three leaves in them. Let the kids count the leaves, counting out loud, and have them match the number with number of leaves in each of the groups.

A wonderful activity for counting to 3 revision.

As with all file folder games, this one works best when laminated and with Velcro dots attached.

For: preschool and kindergarten. An addition to Common Core Standards Learn to count to 3 (K-A.1) Count to 3 (K-A.2)

Leaves Counting to 3 File Folder game for preschool and kindergarten

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