Letter A Worksheets

Learn the first letter of the alphabet with this fun alphabet letter A worksheet set. The set is all about the letter A and is suitable for preschool and kindergarten and all the kids who need to practice ABC’s.

There are 8 pages included in this set.

On the first one alphabet worksheet from the set, students need to find all the images that begin with the letter A and color them.

The second worksheet focuses on tracing both capital and lower case A.

On the third page, kids have to circle all the letters A – great for letter recognition.

The next one will give kids more letter recognition practice as they solve the color by code worksheet, kids need to find all the lowercase and uppercase letters and color those sections with their given color.

On the fourth page, children need to solve a maze by following the letter A all the way to the finish.

The next two pages are all about tracing and learning to write the uppercase and lowercase letter A.

And on the last one, kids need to color all the A letters they can find the sentences.

Letter A Alphabet Worksheets

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