Letter C Worksheets

Working on ABC’s? This set of letter C worksheets help your kids learn all about the third letter of the alphabet.

The letter C worksheets are great for homeschool or to use classroom as they are easy to solve and offer a variety of approaches to learning the ABC’s.

On the first page, kids need to identify and find all the objects that start on the letter C. Cake, clock, car and even the sand castle can count.

The second page is for tracing the upper and lowercase letters and practicing the hand-eye coordination while tracing the dashed lines.

Continue with the page, where students need to find the letter C and circle it.

Next one is a color by letter worksheet. Kids again need to find all the “C’s” and “c’s” and color those areas with a given color to reveal an image.

The next one is a letter maze – kids will follow the capital and lowercase letters to finish it.
On the following alphabet worksheet, there is a capital letter C with an image of a caterpillar beside it. Kids need to trace the letters and try to write them on their own in the last blank line.

The next one has a lowercase letter C with an image of a clock beside.

The last page is about finding the letter C within the simple sentences and coloring those letters.

Encourage your students to color as much as they can with their best coloring supplies.

Letter C Alphabet Worksheets

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