Letter E Worksheets

These alphabet letter worksheets will help young learners build letter knowledge. They are perfect for both preschool and kindergarten and the ones who need some fun ABC practice.

There are 8 letter E worksheets in this set.

The first one is all about identifying and coloring the objects that start with the letter E. Ear, eagle, eggplant and egg.

Continue to the second page, have the kids trace the simple lines to warm up their hands and then proceed to tracing the letter E.

On the next one, they will circle all the letters E they can find.

The fourth worksheet in this set is a color by letter worksheet.

Continue to the next page, where kids need to solve a letter maze – they need to follow the “E’s” and “e’s” to solve it.

The next two pages are perfect to strengthen letter writing skills. Kids will be tracing the upper and lowercase letters and try to write the “E” on their own in the last blank line.

Finish the exercises by reading 3 simple sentences and finding and coloring the E’s.

Letter E Alphabet Worksheets


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