Letter H Worksheets

In this set of letter H alphabet worksheets kids will be first identifying and coloring the objects starting with the letter H. Have them color the helicopter, hammer, hedgehog, house and hat. Leave out the rose and rocket.

The second page is tracing the uppercase and lowercase letter H. In the top right corner, there are shapes and lines similar to the letter H that kids can trace to warm up their hands.
At the bottom, kids will trace the word “hog”.

The next two pages are about finding all the letters H. One is a letter hunt, where children need to circle all the H’s, and the second one is a color by letter worksheet that will reveal a hidden image when it’s colored.

Continue the hunt with an alphabet maze. Students need to follow and draw a line through the lowercase or uppercase letters “H” to get out of the maze.

On the next two pages, they will be tracing the uppercase letters and try to write the letter H on their own in the last blank line.

The last worksheet includes 3 simple sentences where kids need to find and color in all the letters H.

Letter H Alphabet Worksheets

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