Letter J Worksheets

This letter J alphabet worksheets set is great for kindergartners as well as older preschoolers as it is fun and easy to solve.

Students will be working on pre-writing skills, tracing letters, coloring the images, and much more.

On the first worksheet from this set, students will be recognizing and coloring the objects starting with the letter J. Jellyfish, jar, jug and jelly. Skip the watering can, ice cream, butterfly, van and undies.

Continue to the next worksheet, where kids need to trace uppercase and lowercase letters J and the word “jellyfish” at the end.

The next page is a letter hunt. Children need to find all the “J’s” and “j’s” and circle them with a marker.

Find some more J’s on the next page and solve the color by letter worksheet to reveal a hidden image.

Continue to the next sheet, where kids need to follow the J’s and draw a line from start to the end of the maze. This is a great letter recognition exercise.

On the sixth page, young learners will be tracing the uppercase letter J and try to write it on their own. They will do the same on the following page with the lowercase letter J.

The last worksheet includes 3 simple sentences, where kids need to find all the “j’s” and “J’s” and color them with a marker.

Letter J Alphabet Worksheets



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