Letter K Worksheets

Working on letters of the alphabet? This set of worksheets is all about the letter K.

Students will practice letter-sound correspondence while identifying and coloring the objects starting with the letter K on the first page. Kite, koala, keyboard and key are the ones that need to be colored in while dolphin, pumpkin, drum and ladybug stay uncolored.

The second page is about introducing the uppercase and lowercase letter K by tracing the lines and coloring an image of a key.

On the next one, they will use their letter recognition skills to find all the K’s and circle them with a marker.

The fourth page is a color by letter worksheet. They need to find all the K’s and color those areas in yellow color.

Continue the work with an alphabet maze, where students need to draw a line from start to finish by following the uppercase and lowercase letters.

On the next page, they will work only on uppercase letter K. They can color the image of a king in any colors they see fit and try to write the letter on their own in the last blank row.

They will do the same on the next page with the lowercase letter K.

The last worksheet in this set is a page with 3 simple sentences. Kids need to find all the letters K and color them with crayons or markers.


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