Letter S Worksheets

Help your students learn the letter S with these alphabet worksheets.

Start with the first worksheet where kids need to color the object that begins with the letter S. Submarine, sun, star, scarecrow, socks and saw can all be colored while the table, helicopter and watch can not.

On the second sheet, they will get to know how to write the uppercase and lowercase letter S. They will also trace the word “shell” at the bottom of the page.

On the following page, kids need to find circle all the letters S among other letters of the ABC’s. This letter hunt is great for strengthening letter recognition skills.

Another cool hunt is waiting for the students on the next page. It is a color by letter page, where kids need to find all the letters S and color those areas in green to reveal a hidden image.

Do some more letter hunting and encourage them to draw a line from start to finish of a letter maze by following the letter S.

The next page is about the uppercase letter S. Kids will be coloring a stormy cloud and tracing the letters. At the bottom of the page, there is a blank line, where they’ll be writing the letter on their own.

The following page is in the same style, only this time, kids will be coloring a silly snowman and tracing the lowercase letters.

On the last worksheet, there are 3 simple sentences that include some S letters. Kids need to find all of them and color them with their favorite marker.

Letter S Alphabet Worksheets

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