Letter Z Worksheets

The last letter of the alphabet – the letter Z. How do we write it properly? By solving this set of 8 worksheets, your students will master the writing of the upper and lowercase letter Z.

On the first page, the challenge is to identify and color the objects that begin with the letter Z. Zucchini, zipper and zebra can all be colored while kids need to skip the bike, astronaut, bear, shark, lamp and police car.

The second page will show young learners how to write the letter by guiding them through the lines by tracing.

On the third page, there is a bunch of letters, where kids need to recognize all the Z’s and circle them with a marker.

The fourth one is a color by letter page. Children need to use their yellow marker, find the areas that include letter Z and color it to reveal the hidden image.

Continue to the letter maze, where young learners will be hunting for the letter Z and drawing the line through the squares where the letter is written. This way they will solve the maze from start to finish.

The next two pages are all about learning how to write the uppercase and lowercase letter Z. Kids will follow the guides and get some extra practice on how to write it correctly.

On the last page, they will need to find all the Z’s within 3 simple sentences After that, they can color all the images with their favorite markers.

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