Monster Match Halloween File Folder Game

Can you match up all the Halloween monsters? Find the bottom parts of each of the 16 Halloween characters and complete this file folder puzzle.

Find the bottom half of the mummy, 2 bats, 4 scary monsters, a cat, a ghost, a skeleton, a vampire and a witch.

A fun game that’s perfect for toddlers and preschool although kids in kindergarten will enjoy it too.

To set up the game, print all 3 pages. Set the first two aside and cut the 16 rectangles with the bottom parts of Halloween monster bodies. Laminate those pieces and attach Velcro dots on the back. Now back to the first two sheets – you can leave them as they are, or cut around the frame. Once cut you can either laminate them and stick them inside the file folder or stick them in the file folder and laminate the file folder (you can also use clear self adhesive foil). Stick a velcor dot inside the dashed line rectangle. Find the pairs.

Monster Match Halloween File Folder Game

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