Printable Christmas Activity Book

Ready to learn with the jolliest learning book? Let your kids explore a whole range of basic skills for preschool and kindergarten with our Printable Christmas Activity Book.


  • letters of the alphabet – match the upper case letters to lover case ones (or vice-versa) or lower case to lower case to work on letter recognition – all by matching the Christmas lights
  • shape matching tree – match the ornaments on the Christmas tree
  • color matching – fill up the Christmas wreath while working on color words
  • counting – count the number of decorations on each of the little trees and match them to the correct number
  • colors and patterns – look at the 3 colors and find a gift that has is colored with those colors
  • number sense – match the christms socks to the correct fireplace
  • simple reindeer math – advanced students will love these addition problems
  • size sorting – stack the gifts, from largest to smallest
  • mix and match puzzles – mix and match Christmas characters -all body parts are interchangeable
  • emotions – explore a range of emotions with our emotions reindeer
  • build an elf – mix and match a variety of eyes and mouth to build a perfect Elf
  • alphabet tracing

This printable quiet book works best when laminated.

Printable Christmas Quiet Book for Kids

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