Printable Halloween Activity Book

Ready to learn with a dash of spooky? Let your kids explore a whole range of basic skills for preschool and kindergarten with our Printable Halloween Activity Book.


  • colors with a fun monster body match – learn to read the words or just match the colors
  • Jack o Lantern pumpkin shape matching
  • counting from 1 to 9 and sorting jars on the witches shelf
  • matching faces to bodies – build a monster
  • missing letters of the alphabet – sort the letters in alphabet order
  • telling time
  • number sense with candy corn
  • color sorting / patterns
  • silhouette match
  • face changing bat

This printable quiet book works best when laminated.

This printable Halloween quiet book is available in FULL color as well as black and white that can be colored in by your or your kids.

Printable Halloween Quiet Book for Kids

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