Printable Kindergarten Language Arts Activity Book

This print at home Kindergarten Language Arts Activity Book will help your little learner with mastering basic language art skills.

Language Arts Busy Book

Print the pages and assemble the book – we recommend laminating the pages and busy book pieces to make it more durable.

The activities included in this book are:

  • letter recognition: have the kids match the same letters written with different fonts
  • alphabet match: match the letters of the alphabet. Your kids can either practice letter recognition by matching the same case letters or learn about upper and lower case letters. This activity also helps with learning the order of the alphabet.
  • word building puzzles. Build simple words by building images.
  • vowels and consonants clothes hanging. Sort the clothes, words starting with vowels on one line and words starting with a consonant on the other.
  • syllable train. Sort the images into correct trains by counting the syllables in the words.
  • rhyme stamps. Have the kids read the words on the envelopes and stick a stamp that rhymes on the envelope.
  • word family city. Add windows to buildings using words from the same word families.
  • simple reading comprehension. Let the kids read simple sentences (I see a red circle.) and add the correct shapes next to the sentences.

A wonderful learning quiet book, use it as it is or combine it with pages from one of our many other busy binders.

Kindergarten Language Arts Quiet Book - fun printable activity book for learning language arts.

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