Printable Snowman Outline Templates

Ready to make some cool crafts? Our printable snowman outline templates are your ticket to a world of fun winter crafts and projects!

Snowman Outline Templates

The set includes 20 printable snowman designs.

It features giant to extra small snowman outlines – each template is thoughtfully designed to spark your kids’ imagination to bring their snowman visions to life.

Whether kids are crafting cards or decorations or enjoying a winter activity, these printable outlines provide the perfect canvas for their creative expression.

We’re sharing some ideas on how kids can use these snowman outline templates:

  • decorate windows
  • dip fingers into the washable finger paint and create snowy fingerprints
  • create “melting” snowmen with watercolor by adding drips of color
  • attach the snowmen to craft sticks for a lively snowman puppet show
  • create a unique name garland (write a letter of a child’s name on each snowman)
  • use the snowmen as a base and decorate them with cotton balls, tissue paper, or pom-poms

The possibilities are as vast as a snowy landscape when using these templates!

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Printable Snowman Outline Templates

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