Cloud and Rainbow Craft Template

With this engaging rainbow craft template, children can construct their vibrant rainbows using playful paper strips or other materials.

From crafting joy to a kaleidoscope of colors, it’s the perfect blend of fun and learning for kids of all ages!

Swirly Rainbow Craft Template

The set includes two printable templates, both available in two sizes.

Choose a printer-friendly one if kids love to color, or print out the full-colored version.

Ideas to use with our rainbow craft template:

  • cut paper strips and have the kids either make a swirly rainbow or a zig-zag folded rainbow
  • tear or cut small pieces of colorful tissue paper and glue them onto the cardstock to form a vibrant rainbow
  • dip cotton balls in different colored paints and stamp them onto the paper to create a textured and dynamic rainbow
  • use puffy paint combined with our printable template to make a fantastic spring season art
  • shave crayons into small pieces and sprinkle them onto a layer of glue to create a melted crayon rainbow effect

There are so many possibilities!

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Swirly Rainbow Craft

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