Reptiles and Amphibians Matching File Folder Game

Can you match up all the reptiles and amphibians? In this reptiles and amphibians match file folder game kids need to find the right halves of the reptiles and amphibians and make them whole.
12 fun characters to put together: a beautiful color-changing chameleon, a cute little turtle, a happy tortoise, 2 long snakes, a silly crocodile, a big alligator, 3 colorful lizards, and 2 lovely frogs.

A learning game that is best for kids as young as preschool and toddlers, as for older ones in kindergarten.

To set up the game, print all 3 pages.

Set the first two aside and cut the 12 rectangles with the right parts of reptiles’ and amphibians’ bodies. Laminate the right parts of reptiles’ and amphibians’ bodies and attach velcro on the back. Laminate the sheets with left parts of reptiles’ and amphibians’ bodies. Attach velcro inside the dashed line rectangles. Find the pairs to make the reptiles’ and amphibians’ bodies whole.

Reptiles and Amphibians File Folder Game


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