Santa Head Template

This Santa Claus head template can be used in all kinds of Christmas crafts. It allows kids to create a beard for Santa in many creative ways.

Various materials can be used, paper strips are just one of the many possibilities.

Santa Head Craft Template

The set includes two printable templates – printer-friendly and two full-colored versions – these both come in two sizes and the pre-colored one comes in two skin tones.

Here are some ideas on how this template can be used:

  • make paper strips and have the kids either make a curly beard or a zig-zag folded beard
  • use cotton balls to create a fluffy beard
  • wrinkle up tissue paper to make the beard
  • use puffy paint combined with our printable template to make a wonderful Christmas art
  • have the kids paint the beard on with tempera paints

The possibilities are endless.

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Santa Head Template

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