Sheep Craft Template

We got a “wooly” adventure for your young ones – a sheep craft template that will unleash their creativity as they add paper strips or other materials to bring the fluffy sheep’s wool to life.

This template provides a fun, hands-on crafting experience for kids. Let the woolly fun begin!

Curly Sheep Craft Template

The set includes two printable templates – a printer-friendly and a full-color version. Both are available in two sizes.

We gathered a few ideas on how this template can be used:

  • make paper strips and have the children either make a curly wool coat or a zig-zag folded wool coat
  • glue fluffy cotton balls onto the sheep template to create a soft and puffy woolly texture
  • dip a small piece of bubble wrap into white paint and stamp it onto the sheep to mimic a textured furry coat
  • dip the ends of Q-tips into white paint and dot them onto the sheep to create a dotted wool pattern
  • cut short strands of fuzzy yarn and attach them to the sheep to simulate a soft and furry wool texture
  • have the kids paint the wooly coat with tempera paint

Kids can create with almost anything they think of!

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Curly Sheep Craft

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