Summer Color by Shape – Color by Code

This set of summer color by shape worksheets will help your kids to with learning and identifying shapes.
Find all of the same shapes in the summer-themed picture and color the areas with the color assigned to that shape.

Identify different shapes such as a circle, a rectangle, a triangle, an ellipse, a pentagon, a star, a square, and a hexagon in order to color the correct areas and color the image.

There are 5 different coloring pages in this set.

The first one has a beach scene on it – kids will need to find and color the different marked areas with their coloring supplies.
The second one will reveal an image of three ice creams.
On the third page, young students will need to color the areas to reveal an image of two bugs crawling on leaves.
The fourth page reveals a big sun wearing sunglasses, and on the fifth one, kids will be coloring a sailboat.

Summer Color by Shape - Color by Code Worksheets

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