Color In Valentine’s Day Cards

Introducing our delightful collection of 20 Printable Valentine’s Day Cards to Color PDF, designed to infuse your celebration with a perfect blend of creativity and love filled cheer!

Unleash the joyous spirit and share heartfelt sentiments with these cards, allowing you and your loved ones to add a personal touch as you bring them to life with color. Perfect for celebrating friendship or secret crushes. These charming cards come in two convenient sizes.

Key Features:

  1. Variety for Every Taste: With 20 unique designs, our printable Valentine’s Day cards cater to a wide range of preferences. From classic pun messages to whimsical wonders, there’s a card that speaks to the heart of everyone on your list.
  2. Personalized Love: Let your creative spirit shine! These cards are designed to be colored, allowing you to infuse your personal flair and warmth into each one. Whether you prefer bold, vibrant hues or subtle, romantic shades, the choice is yours.
  3. Two Sizes, One Package: Our set includes two different sizes of cards, providing versatility for every romantic occasion. Choose from a standard size for a classic touch or opt for a larger size to send a cute and charming greeting that leaves a lasting impression.
  4. Perfect for All Ages: Ideal for both the young and the young at heart, these coloring cards are a fantastic way to engage the whole family in a heartwarming activity. Bond over coloring sessions and create cherished memories together.

Make this Valentine’s Day extra special by sending personalized greetings that reflect your unique style full of love, and let love color your world.

Abstract Christmas Card Template

Abstract Colorful Homemade Christmas Card Template

Are you on the hunt for a fun and creative holiday project? Look no further than our Abstract Christmas Card Template. It’s an ideal way to add a personal touch to your holiday celebrations without much stress. This is a quick and easy Christmas craft that can be done in the classroom as the main focus is on coloring.

Abstract Colorful Homemade Christmas Card Template

Inside this collection, you’ll find four different card designs. You can choose to black and white version that’s meant to be colored in, which is perfect for kids, or go for the pre-colored option for a quicker solution.

Choose Quality Paper: To make your cards stand out, print them on cardstock, this also allows for using markers as you color in the card. It will provide a sturdy base for your cards and enhance the overall presentation.

Trim Carefully: Once you’ve printed the templates and your kids are finished coloring them, take your time to trim them. Once trimmed, carefully glue the colored in abstract designs on to the cards.

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Abstract Colorful Homemade Christmas Card

Halloween Surprise Cards

12 brand new Halloween characters are waiting hidden inside these super cool Halloween surprise cards.

These are great to make in the classroom or at home. They are fun for Halloween-themed parties for kids and can easily be used either as an activity (Halloween craft) or as a party favor.

This set comes both in black and white for kids to color in all by themselves as well as pre-colored cards that do not require coloring in.

Christmas Drawing Cards

Have fun for the holidays and print out these Christmas Drawing Cards.

They are suitable for preschool and kindergarten kids, and you can use them as a memory game by flipping them upside-down.

Christmas Drawing Cards

The symmetry activity set includes a printer-friendly and a full-colored version of 16 cards.

Kids can color their black and white cards with their best markers, then find the pairs, and draw the missing halves onto the cards.

These drawing cards will improve your kids’ symmetry skills and keep them busy for a while.

You can laminate the finished cards for longer use.

Printable Christmas Drawing Cards

Surprise Easter Eggs Cards Template

Who’s hiding inside the Easter eggs? Open up these Surprise Easter Eggs Cards and find out.

In one egg there is an Easter chick, in the other one there is an Easter bunny and in the third one there is a sheep.

This Easter craft is really easy to make, which makes it perfect for larger groups (fun Easter classroom craft). You can print the black and white template and have the kids color in the little creatures as well as egg shells or print the precolored ones that are ready to be folded right away.


Surprise Pumpkin Halloween Cards

Surprise Pumpkin Halloween Card

These Surprise Pumpkin Halloween Cards make a wonderful and easy Halloween craft for kids to make. They can be a project to do at school or at home.

Print the cards – the full color or black and white version, cut out the rectangle and make two simple folds and your magic surprise card is done.

There are 5 fun designs included – a Jack o lantern hiding a cat, a ghost, a vampire, a witch and a monster.

Printable Surprise Pumpkin Halloween Cards

Video tutorial:

Surprise Halloween Cards Craft

These Surprise Halloween Cards are pure magic! 4 fun Halloween craft designs showcasing some transformation magic – a little ghost that will turn into a skeleton, a pumpkin that transforms into a scary looking Jack’o’Lantern monster, a witches hat that hides a wicked witch (she does look pretty friendly though) and a bat that turns into a vampire. Fun, fun, fun!

All of these surprise Halloween cards come in two sizes – one big, where one desing is prined across the page and smaller size with two designs per page, a classroom friendly edition. Both sizes also come both as a pre-colored craft as well as a colorin page version (black and white).

This craft is insanely easy to make, and simple instructions are printed next to the craft template.

Cut around the template, fold across the dashed line that goes through the head of these Halloween monsters and bring the fold to the dashed line at the lower half of the design (just above the legs). Make the folds nice and crisp and that’s all that there is to it.

Video tutorial:

Mother’s Day Card 3D Heart

Mother's Day Printable Card

Print out this sweet Mother’s day card template – this is an easy Mother’s day craft that can be made both in the classroom or at home.

The heart pops out of the card, making it really stand out.

The card comes as a one sheet template, you have the card base, the heart template as well as instructions all included in one place – so this makes it a great classroom project.

Simple Mothers Day Card Idea for Kids

Grandma You are Perfect Card

Have an amazing grandma and love cats? Or have an amazing grandma who loves cars? This puuurfect grandma pun card is great for grandparents day. 

Roarsome Grandma Card – Grandparents Day

Awesome grandma alert – let the kids surprise their grandma with this Roarsome Grandma coloring card.

If your kids or students are fans of coloring pages they will love decorating this dino card with a pun. Let them add a special note inside the card (dino-mite grandma pops to mind) and the cards are ready to be given to their favorite grandma.

Roarsome Grandma Grandparents Day Card

Thanks for Beeing a Great Grandma Card Grandparents Day

Thanks for Beeing a Great Grandma Card Grandparents Day

Time to celebrate Granparents day. If your kids or students have an amazing grandma why not let them appreciate her with the help of this card with a pun. Let the grandma know that she’s BEE-ing a great grandmother. Perfect no prep activity for grandparents day.

Two card sizes included.

Thanks for Beeing a Great Grandma Card Grandparents Day

Grandma you are Pawesome Card Grandparents Day

Kids who have awesome grandmas and awesome sense of humor will love this Pawesome grandmother card.

This is a low prep activity that’s great for Grandparents day, a little grandma appreciation goes a long way.

Two sizes included so this activity is great for all ages.

Grandma you are Pawesome Card

Ofishialy the Best Grandma Card Grandparents Day

Let’s make this official – your kids or students have the best grandma and this oFISHially the best grandma card says it perfectly.

This card is great for all ages as the design isn’t complex and there are enough large areas to color. The card also comes in two sizes, with the large one being especially easy to color.

Ofishialy the best grandma card Grandparents day

Grandma You are Magical Card Grandparents Day

Grandma You are Magical Card

Grandmothers can be really great when it comes to making childhood magical, so why not let them know they are part of the magic with this Grandma You are Magical greeting card.

Unicorns are really fun to color, not even the sky is the limit when it comes to picking the colors. Add a bit of sparkle to while you are at it.

Dino-mite Grandma Card – Grandparents Day

If your kids or students have a dino-mite grandma, let them express that with this cool dinosaur grandparents day card.

Simple design is easy to color, so this card is appropriate for all ages. Comes in two sizes – as a one card per sheet and as two cards per sheet.

Dino-mite Grandma Card - Grandparents Day

Turtley Awesome Grandma Card

Turtley Awesome Grandma Card Pun

If your students or kids have awesome grandmas they absolutely deserve this turtley awesome card.

Let the kids color in the turtle design as well as the letters and include a personal note inside this card.

Easy low prep activity that’s perfect for grandparents day.

Turtley Awesome Grandma Card Pun

Grandma I Love You Beary Much Greeting Card

Every grand kid loving grandma deserves a nice little card here and there, especially for grandparents day.

This card lets the kids let their grandma know they love her beary much. A fun coloring activity for kids of all ages.

Grandma I Love You Beary Much Pun Card