Easter Pop Up Cards Template

Make Easter fun with these two cool Easter pop up cards.

If you are searching for a fun no prep Easter craft, then this pop up cards are pretty great. It’s a great project to introduce your kids to the art of pop card making and a fun project at that.

Two fun cards included, one bunny craft and one chick craft, make one or both, both are equally fun.

Easter Pop Up Cards - Printable Easter Craft

Easter Corner Bookmark Craft Template

Printable Easter Corner Bookmarks

Lets encourage kids to read more by having them make these cute bunny and chick corner bookmarks. Alternatively, you can make them yourself too and give them out as rewards to your kids or students.

This Easter craft is a quick no prep project which makes it great for classroom or at home.

The bunny craft and chick craft corner bookmarks come both as a black and white version which kids get to color in themselves as well as a full color craft template.

Print the template (regular print paper is fine), cut along the design outline. The next thing to do is to cut along the full line (marked with scissors on the template). Next fold along the dashed lines, “wrap the head around” and glue in place.

Easter Corner Bookmarks

Baby Chick Drawing Guide – How to Draw

Print out these baby chick directed drawing instructions and have your students or kids learn how to draw a chick.

With just a few easy steps to follow, they will be drawing their own baby chick in no time.

Bunny and Chick Clothespin Puppets

This set of bunnies and chicks clothespin puppets is perfect for spring.

There are 2 fun bunny designs as well as 2 adorable chick designs in this set, both in black and white and full color.

These are quick to assemble which makes them a great craft project for larger groups. All you need to do is print them, color them if you opt for the black and white version, cut them out and stick them on a clothespin (we recommend a wooden one). Step by step instructions are included.

Great as an Easter craft or whenever you feel like playing with bunnies and chicks.

Printable Bunny and Chick Clothespin Puppets - craft for kids

Surprise Easter Eggs Craft

This Easter craft will bring out the giggles.

It’s a simple one page template, that takes a simple coloring page to a whole new level. Coloring in all the details, cut and assemble.

There are 3 cute designs included in this set – a cute little chick craft, a bunny craft and a sheep craft.

On top of that there is also a blank egg, where kids can either draw their own characters or they can stick in a photo of themselves for a great Easter greeting card for their parents and other family members.

No prep Easter activity.

Easter Egg Surprise Craft