Printable Elf Christmas Craft Template

Christmas Elf Paper Craft Template

Let your kids play with them or use them as a decoration on the wall (or even a banner), either way this Christmas craft is fun to make.

Christmas Elf Paper Craft Template

Print out the template and work on scissor skills and fine motor skills while making this silly elf.

Both pre colored vesrions (both genders and two skin tones) is included as well as a black and white color in template for kids to decorate on their own.

Christmas Color by Number

What is better than some fun coloring during the holidays?

This set of color by number worksheets is great for Christmas. Get your kids or students into the festive mood and solve 3 different pages.

The set includes number up to 5 and is appropriate for preschool and kindergarten students.

Kids need to find all of the areas with the same number and color in those areas with the accurate colors (the color key is at the bottom of the page).

There are three designs in this set. On the first page, there are three Christmas socks, on the second one, kids will be coloring a Santa, and the last page, there is a Christmas wreath to color in.

Christmas Color by Number

Printable Christmas Carol Singers Craft Template

Carol Singers Christmas Craft

Bring the Christmas carol singers into your home with this fun and easy craft! Have a bunch of kids singing, a trio of reindeer or the snowmen.

Carol Singers Christmas Craft

While this craft comes both as a precolored template and a coloring page craft, we fill the latter is a more fun project. Color in this Christmas craft, cut it out and make a few simple folds. It’s all done and ready to bring joy into your home (or classroom). These also make wonderful Christmas cards for friends and family.

Christmas Carol Singers Craft

Printable Gift Box Mask Template

Turn yourself into a present with our silly printable gift box mask template. This is a great activity for a classroom Christmas party – you can pair it up with a writing assignment, having kids write about what kind of gifts they are.

Printable Gift Box Mask Template

Christmas Color by Number Word

This Christmas color by number word set is great to get your kids into some early reading.

Students need to find the areas with the same number words and color them accordingly to the color key at the bottom of each page.

The worksheets are appropriate for preschoolers, kindergartners, and older kids who love to color.

There are three pages in the set. On the first on, children need to color in 3 Christmas socks. On the second page, there is Santa. And on the last page, there is a Christmas wreath to color in.

Christmas Color by Number Word

Christmas Color by Number Sense

Help your kids master numbers up to 5 with this festive color by number sense set.

These worksheets are great for Christmas and will come in handy when your students are working on number sense with numbers from 1 to 5.

Kids need to find the same values in the sections and color them as the color key at the bottom says.

They will get to know how numbers can be represented – with number words, numbers, five frames, finger counting images, tally marks, and dice.

There are 3 pages in this set.

On the first one, there are three X-mas stockings to color. The second page has a Santa carrying his sack, and on the third one, there is a Christmas wreath.

Printable Design a Snow Globe Template

We love a project that sparks creativity, and this desing a snowglobe template does just that! This is a wonderful Christmas craft that can easily double up as a Christmas card too and you can use it as a winter craft in January or February too.

We’ve got two different templates, one that kids decorate, cut out and stick on colored cardboard and one that doesn’t need cutting out.

Crayons, markers and pens will be great for decorating these, but you can go beyond that – ad cotton balls, twigs, paper or fabric scraps. Let your kids use a variety of supplies when they are creating their own unique snow globe.

Design A Snow Globe Craft Template

Printable Gingerbread Man Mask Template

Transform your students into sweet and delicious gingerbread men! This fun Christmas mask is great to give to the students if you are throwing a classroom Christmas party.

We kept it nice and simple, with plenty of space for kids to add their own decorating. Add sprinkles, make iced sugar pattern. Most of all, let them have a ton of fun.

Printable Gingerbread Man Mask Template

Christmas Color by Sight Word

This festive color by sight word worksheets set is great for preschool and kindergarten students as it features some of the high frequency words for this age group-.

The sight words included are: a, away, for, go, is, it, little, me, play, see, the, to, we.

Kids need to find the same sight words on each page and color the sections they are in with the same colors (following the color key at the bottom).

The set includes 3 different pages to color in.

On the first one, kids will color three Xmas socks, on the second one, there is the Santa, and on the last one, there is a Christmas wreath.

Christmas Color by Sight Word

Christmas Color by Shape

Our Christmas Color by Shape are a fun way to get your young learners more familiar with some of the basic shapes.

Kids will get to color three different pages by finding the shapes and coloring the sections by following the color key at the bottom of each page.

These type of worksheets are great for motor skills practice and hand-eye coordination as the kids need to keep within the lines when coloring.

Shapes included are a star, a hexagon, a triangle, a rectangle, an ellipse,
a kite, a square, a pentagon, and a circle.

On the first page, there are 3 Christmas socks that need coloring. The second page has a big Santa on it. And on the last one, there is a Christmas wreath.

Young students need to find and recognize the shapes in each section, lookup to the color key, and color in that section with the accurate color.

Christmas Color by Shape

Printable Christmas Tree Mask Template

Make your Christmas classroom party a hit with our Printable Christmas Tree Mask Template. Print out the masks, full color or even better black and white ones and have the kids make their own Christmas tree mask.

The black and white coloring page Christmas mask will let your kids decorate their Christmas tree with their favorite colors – and you’ll end up with a bunch of lovely trees.

Printable Christmas Tree Mask Template

Christmas Color by Code Addition Within 5

If your preschoolers or kindergarteners are already solving simple addition problems, why not offer them these festive worksheets? Our Christmas Color by Code Addition Within 5 worksheets make math easy peasy.

This set includes 3 different designs – Christmas socks, Santa, and Christmas wreath.

Kids need to solve simple addition problems and color the areas according to the results they get – the color key at the bottom will show them what color they need to use for coloring.

The set includes vertical and horizontal adding of numbers all up to 5 and is great for younger and older kids who need some fun math exercises.

Christmas Color by Code Addition Within 5 (2)

Christmas Color by Code Subtraction Within 10

Entertain your kids and have them learning at the same time – print out our Christmas color by code subtraction worksheets .

Students need to solve simple horizontal and vertical subtraction problems and color the areas of each picture with appropriate colors.

These color by code worksheets include subtraction with numbers within 10. They are great for kids who need some subtraction practice.

The set includes 3 designs – Chrismas socks on the first page, the Santa on the second one, and Christmas wreath on the last worksheet.

Strengthen those counting and subtraction skills in no time and learn with these easy-to-solve worksheets.
Christmas Color by Code Subtraction within 10

Christmas Coloring Pages

Enjoy the festive mood and get your kids coloring this set of Chrismas coloring pages.

On the first page, there are three different Chrismas socks to color in. The second page has Santa on it. And on the last one, there is a Christmas wreath that needs to be colored nicely.

The pages include wide areas to color in and are appropriate for preschool and kindergarten, although we are sure older kids will enjoy them too so share these Christmas coloring sheets with them too.

Christmas Coloring Pages


Christmas Color by Letter

These  Christmas color by letter worksheets are great for preschool as they focus on letter recognition.

There are 3 different pages to color in – Christmas socks, Santa, and  a Christmas wreath all with nice big areas to color in, keeping things simple..

Each page has an image divided into sections, each section marked with a letter.

Kids need to find the same letters and color those areas in same colors (like the color key at the bottom says).

The pages include uppercase and lowercase letters.

Christmas Color by Letter

Printable Christmas Activity Book

Ready to learn with the jolliest learning book? Let your kids explore a whole range of basic skills for preschool and kindergarten with our Printable Christmas Activity Book.


  • letters of the alphabet – match the upper case letters to lover case ones (or vice-versa) or lower case to lower case to work on letter recognition – all by matching the Christmas lights
  • shape matching tree – match the ornaments on the Christmas tree
  • color matching – fill up the Christmas wreath while working on color words
  • counting – count the number of decorations on each of the little trees and match them to the correct number
  • colors and patterns – look at the 3 colors and find a gift that has is colored with those colors
  • number sense – match the christms socks to the correct fireplace
  • simple reindeer math – advanced students will love these addition problems
  • size sorting – stack the gifts, from largest to smallest
  • mix and match puzzles – mix and match Christmas characters -all body parts are interchangeable
  • emotions – explore a range of emotions with our emotions reindeer
  • build an elf – mix and match a variety of eyes and mouth to build a perfect Elf
  • alphabet tracing

This printable quiet book works best when laminated.

Printable Christmas Quiet Book for Kids

Christmas Photo Paper Doll Template

Make a craft that brings out smiles – print out Movable Paper Doll Christmas Photo Craft template and start making silly little dolls.

You can elf yourself, Santa Claus yourself or even reindeer yourself.

With the help of split pins you can make the arms and legs movable on each of the dolls or you can just use glue and stick them to the body of the doll (especially helpful if this is a classroom project where split pins could be an issue for a larger group).

All three templates come in black and white and full color and in two sizes. With the black and white version, the kids can color their dolls hovever they see fit.

Movable Photo Christmas Dolls Craft Template - Elf Yourself, Reindeer Yourself, Santa Yourself

Snowman Clothespin Puppets

Snowman Clothespin Puppets

When your kids can’t play outside and make snowmen, they can still play with snowmen indoors. Print these snowman clothespin puppets and let the fun begin.

These are a great winter craft as well as a Christmas craft project for kids to make. They are finished in no time and offer hours of play time after they are assembled.

There are 4 different snowman designs and each of them comes both in black and white as well as in full color. On top of that, each version also comes both in left and right facing direction. Simple instructions are included on each sheet too.

Printable Snowman Clothespin Puppets