Snow Globe Keepsake Craft Template

Snow Globe Keepsake

Make the most adorable Christmas craft ever! This homemade snowglobe ornament will look equally wonderful sitting on top of your tree or as a display keepsake on your shelf.

It makes for a great classroom Christmas craft as it’s pretty easy to make – the globes use contact paper These are not laminated so no need for you to laminate them, kids can do most of the steps all on their own.

Depending on their age, cutting around the photos might require help from a grown up.

Use photos of kids for the snowglobes or have the kids make drawings of themselves and stick them inside the globes.

Photo Snowglobe Craft Template - Make a Christmas Keepsake or an Ornament

Video tutorial:

Printable Ms. Santa Mask Template

Mrs Santa Claus Mask

Santa Claus could not have done it all by himself, he needs the support and help of his beloved Mrs. Claus. What are all the fun things that she could be doing in their home and workshop in the North Pole? Let the kids put up these fun Christmas masks and use their imagination to show what Mr. Claus is all about.

This printable mask comes in 3 versions – one in black and white that kids can color all by themselves and two pre colored ones.

Printable Mrs Santa Claus Mask Template

Printable Santa Mask Template

Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas! Put on a Santa Claus mask and bring gifts to your closest friends and family.

With these Christmas masks your kids or students can pretend to be mr. Santa! Let them plan their gift delivery around the globe or make a Nice and Naughty list for this year. Lots of fun ways to pretend play with this printable mask.

Comes in black and white mask template to color and a variety of skin tones.

Printable Santa Claus Mask Template

Christmas Coloring Pages

A wonderful set of unique Christmas coloring pages. 30 different designs for all ages.

You will find a couple of easy coloring pages for toddlers and preschoolers as well as more challenging ones for older kids.

Let your kids have fun with reindeer, Santa claus, elves, festive snowmen, candy canes, stockings and even a penguin among other designs.

Christmas Coloring Pages - lots of fun designs for all ages

Printable Santa’s Elf Mask Template

Christmas would be pretty sad if there weren’t a bunch of Santa’s elves making and packing all the presents.

Join the Christmas fun by printing these Christmas masks – 3 elves included – one black and white that kids can color in however the want and two pre-colored ones.

This is a wonderful Christmas craft to make in the classroom or at home. Be sure to also print out our other Christmas masks.

Printable Santa's Elf Mask Template

Surprise Reindeer Card

Print out our Big Mouth Reindeer Craft Template and use it as a fun alternative to a Christmas card.

This Christmas craft can easily be done in the classroom as it’s a quick no prep activity.

Christmas Agamograph

Christmas Agamograph

Instead of sending a Christmas card this year, why not surprise your close ones, or your student’s families with a clever little agamograph.

This Christmas craft is a no prep activity, all that’s needed is a printed template, scissors and coloring supplies (and glue if you go with the version 2 of the template). Quick and fun.

Christmas Agamograph

Christmas Envelopes

Printable Christmas Envelopes

Make writting a letter to Santa or sending Christmas cards even more fun with these festive envelopes.

A fun Christmas craft that can be done both at home or in the classroom.

4 characters included, all in both full color and black and white version: Santa Claus, Elf, Reindeer and Snwoman.

Printable Christmas Envelopes

Printable Santa Claus Bookmarks

These Christmas bookmarks make great gifts for students. Encourage reading with these bookmarks, the color in version is a fun activity to make in the classroom.

Christmas Tree Guided Drawing Printable

Christmas Tree Guided Drawing Printable – with this fun and festive tutorial you will teach your students  how to draw a Christmas tree in no time.

We included two different layouts for printing, one with the tutorial printed on the whole page, and one with the steps printed on half page, with room for your student’s drawing on the bottom. Print out our other guided drawing printables and bind them into one fun book for the students to enjoy.

Snowman Card Craft Template

Snowman Card Craft Template

Make the most adorable Christmas craft ever – these lovely cotton ball snowman cards are made to melt hearts. This is the Christmas card for kids to make this year.

Print the template (both PDF template, as well as PNG image that can be placed into PowerPoint, Word or other software where you can add photos inside the snowman’s head before printing available), fill with cotton balls or tissue paper, decorate and gift. These make a great kid made gift for parents for Christmas and are a fun snowman craft for kids to make.

Snowman Craft Template - Lovely DIY Christmas Card

Printable Christmas Playdough Mats

These Christmas play dough mats encourage young kids (toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten age kids) to use their imaginations to complete the pictures on these mats. Great for fine motor skills.

These are great for morning work. Included prompts: Make Santa’s Hat, Make a Face for the Elf, Make Cookies for Santa, Decorate the Christmas Tree, Make Stripes for the Candy Cane, Make Antlers for Rudolph, Make a Bow for the Christmas Gift, Decorate the Gingerbread Man.

Printable Christmas Play dough Mats

Printable Christmas Finger Puppets

These Printable Christmas Finger puppets really are something special as they make your favorite festive characters pop to life. These are a fun Christmas craft idea for kids to make, not only for the crafting part but for playing with them too.

There are 4 different puppets included in this X-mas set: a Santa Claus, Reindeer (with the red nose in colored version), elf and a gingerbread man. This set of printable puppets comes both in black and white for kids to color in as well as in precolored version that does not need coloring.

We recommend printing these on heavier print paper, although they work out just as nice on regular print paper.

Printable Christmas Finger Puppets - Easy Christmas craft for kids

Printable Christmas Puppets

Printable Christmas Puppets

This set of printable Christmas puppets is a great one to do in your classroom. Easy, little to no prep activity that kids will love to make.

This one is also a great Christmas craft for kids to make at home, as not only are these fun to make, they are fun to play with too.

Printable Christmas Puppets