Dragon Movable Paper Doll Template

Fly with the legendary creatures and craft your one in no time. Your kids can color their dragon movable paper doll template however they want. The craft is fun and easy to assemble.

Choose a heavier print paper or construction paper to make this dragon doll craft last longer. If you decide to go with the regular paper, you could also laminate the pieces before assembling them.

Dragon Paper Doll

The set includes a printer-friendly version and three full-color versions (green, purple, and red dragon).

To assemble your dragon, follow the instructions provided on each page of the template.

Punch out the holes from the body and dragon’s wings. Use paper split pins (paper fasteners) to combine the wings with the body and push them through the designated holes. Now string the thread through the two holes that are left and tie.

Your dragon is ready to fly – pull the threads and watch its wings move.

Dragon Movable Paper Doll Template

Dragon Coloring Pages

Want to color some more mythical creatures? This set of dragon coloring pages will be great any time of the year and we bet kids will love coloring it.

Dragon Coloring Sheets

There are 30 dragon coloring pages in this set. Kids can start off by coloring the easier motives first and continue coloring the detailed ones.

Each dragon design is different and perfect for younger and older kids.

Dragon Coloring Pages

Dragon Directed Drawing – How to Draw

Let’s learn how to draw a mystic creature with our Dragon Directed Drawing – How to Draw Tutorial.

You’ll learn to draw this magical creature by following 10 simple steps.

Dragon Guided Drawing Printable

The set includes 2 tutorials of the same dragon in two different layouts.

You can use the first one for kids to start drawing their dragon on the bottom part of the paper. Or you can use a larger guided tutorial and give your students more space and a bigger paper to draw on.

Enjoy this beautiful dragon step-by-step tutorial.

How to Draw a Dragon Step by Step Tutorial

Printable Dragon Mask Template

Dragon Mask

Dragons can be quite scary or they can be the friendliest creatures.  They are known to kidnap princesses (and princes) and brave knights have to save them. Or they can be your best friends.

With these printable dragon masks it’s your children that decide what the dragon will be – will they be friendly or scary?

This download includes both black and white dragon mask that kids can color and decorate however they wish, as well as a pre-colored version that’s ready to play the moment it prints (well some cutting will still be involved).

Printable Dragon Mask Template

Dragon Clothespin Puppets

Dragon Clothespin Puppets

Let the kids fly into the land of magic with this set of dragon clothespin puppets. There are 4 magical dragon desings included in this set and all of them come both in pre-colored version as well as the black and white one where kids get to color in the draongs as they see fit. We recommend you add metallic markers to the selection of coloring supplies used for these as the “sparkle” will trully highlight the magic of these legendary beasts.

These are easy and quick to make – all you need is scissors, glue, coloring supplies for black and white version, a clothespin and printed template. Simple instructions are included on the printable.

Printable Dragon Clothespin Puppets

Chinese Dragon Clothespin Puppets

Printable Chinese Dragon Clothespin Puppets

It’s time for a Chinese new year craft! These Chinese Dragon Clothespin Puppets make a great Chinese new year activity. Kids will love coloring their own dragons (there are 4 different dragon designs to color). Don’t want to color? We have a pre-colored version ready to go to.

These are super simple to make, all that is required is to print the template on (preferably) heavier print paper/cardstock, color the designs (if you printed the black and white version), cut and glue on a clothespin.

If you are a teacher who intends to use these for story time or to use them in centers, we recommend you print, cut and laminate the puppets before you glue them on the clothespin – this will make them more durable and last longer.

Chinese New Year Craft - Printable Chinese Dragon Clothespin Puppets