2D in 3D Shapes BINGO Color Game Cards

2D in 3D Shapes BINGO Colored

Review both 2D and 3D shapes with this fun 2D in 3D Shapes BINGO game.

Print out the game cards – there are 30 of them so plenty to use in the classroom, laminate them and let the fun begin. Calling cards are also included.

If you laminate them you can have the kids use dry erase markers or have them place tokens (or the ever popular erasers) on the game cards as the shapes are called.

2D in 3D Shapes BINGO Colored - 5x5

Color by Number of Sides Shapes Worksheets

These shapes worksheets focus on identifying the shapes and how many of sides they have.

Students will be counting the number of sides in the given shapes and coloring them according to the color key.

Multiple shapes can have the same number of sides.

Color by Number of Sides - Shape Worksheets

Color by Shape Worksheets

Color by number worksheets are super popular, so this slightly modified color by shapes worksheets are pretty fun too. Students will be identifying their 2D shapes by coloring them according to the color key provided. These shape worksheets are perfect for morning work, review, homework or as a part of regular shapes unit.

Shapes included are: circle, square, rectangle, triangle, hexagon, rhombus/diamond, trapezoid, star, heart, pentagon, oval.Color by Shape Worksheets for Preschool and Kindergarten

I Have, Who Has 3D Shapes

Learning 3D shapes doesn’t have to be dull or hard, why not start your lessons with a few rounds of I have, Who Has 3D shapes game? Learning through play is always fun, and as your students go over and over these shapes through play they will quickly catch on to their names.

How to play this game? Pick the game version that best suits you – (we have different spellings and shape names available) as well as a game version with end and start card and a version without. Shuffle the cards and hand them out to your students, each student needs at least one card, but can have more too. With the “start and end” version the students that has the card with the word “Start” starts the game by reading the Who has? part of the card (who has a yellow cube), the student that has that card, replies (I have a yellow cube) and continues the game by reading their “Who has” part of the card. The game ends when and end card is reached. With the no “start and end” version, the educator assigns who goes first, and stops the game when they see fit.

I Have Who Has 3D Shapes and Colors

3D Shapes Flashcards

Flash cards can be very useful when teaching all kinds of subjects. This set of 3D shapes flashcards will help your students with learning 3D shapes.

Many shapes are included so you can easily pick the ones best suited for the age of your students.

Shapes included: cylinder, cone, sphere, ellipsoid, cube, cuboid, hexagonal prism, pentagonal prism, square pyramid, tetrahedron, octahedron, torus, hexagonal pyramid, hemisphere, octagonal prism, triangular prism.

3D Shapes - Flashcards

I Have, Who Has Shapes and Colors

I Have Who Has - Shapes and Colors

This fun I have, who has card game is great for both learning shapes and shape revision. Your students will love playing this game, it’s a fun one to play and not a stressful one to play either. A wonderful group activity that won’t take up long and it’s easy to set up.

We’ve included a variety of versions for this game – with start and end cards (the student who gets the card with the word start on it starts the game by calling “Who has”, and the student who has the card with “end” ends the game), and a version without the end and start cards, where the educator stops the game, when they see fit (you can do multiple rounds).

There’s a version where there are shape images only and a version where there are pictures of shapes on one end of the card, and shape names written on the other end of the card. As there are some differences in the spelling and naming of some of the shapes, multiple versions are included (US and UK).

I Have Who Has Shapes and Colors

Find, Trace and Color Shapes Worksheets

These simple find, trace and color shapes worksheets are perfect for small groups or morning work.

With this set, your students (or kids) will work on pre-writing skills as well as practice shape identification.

Find, Trace and Color the Shapes Worksheets  Preschool and Kindergarten

Color it, Trace it, Draw it Shapes Worksheets

This set of shapes worksheets are great to use for shapes review. They will help your students to practice recognising and drawing shapes as well as have some coloring fun. Each of the 11 pages focus on 1 shape – a circle, a square, a rectangle, an oval, a triangle, a pentagon, a hexagon, trapezoid (US) / trapezium (UK), rhombus (a version with diamond shape name), a star, and a heart.

Each worksheet has 3 sections. In first section kids are asked to color the shape, trace the shape along the dashed lines and to try and draw the given shape on their own. Second part is the name of the shape that needs to be traced. This is great for shapes vocabulary as well as writing exercise. Last part is “search and colo” where students are asked to identify a given shape in the group of various shapes and color it.

Color it, Trace it Draw it - Shapes Worksheets - great for revision


I Have, Who Has Shapes

This simple game of I have who has focuses on shapes only. It’s a short version of the game as it has 12 – 13 game cards only so it’s best suited for smaller groups of children.

We included multiple versions of this game so you can easily find one that best suits your needs and skill levels of your students. There are both picture only version and a version where there are shapes and shape names (US and UK spelling). Both round-robin version of game is included as well as a game where the start and end card are included.

I Have Who Has - Shapes

3D Shape Graphing Worksheets

3D Shape Graphing Worksheets

Explore the 3D shapes with this set of 3D graphing worksheets.

With this set of geometry worksheets for kindergarten kids will need to look at the same shapes, count them and show their answer in a graph as well as write down the number or tally mark.

3D Shape Graphing Worksheets

How Many Corners? Shapes Worksheets?

How Many Corners Shapes Worksheets

This geometry worksheets set is great for kindergarten and first grade. It focuses on 2D shapes and lets young learners observe how many corners each of the given shape has. w

You can laminate these shape worksheets for durability to use with dry erase markers. These are great for morning work or to be given to students as homework for shape revision (we also have a How many sides version of these worksheets, which complement this set nicely, as well as many other shape activities).

Both US and UK spelling available (trapezoid/trapezium) and both diamond and rhombus shapes are included on separate worksheets.

How Many Corners - Shapes Worksheets for Kindergarten and First Grade

2D Shapes Bingo Cards

Shapes BINGO - Black and White

Play a game of Bingo and learn about shapes. This set of 2D shapes bingo cards is great to use for shape review. Playing a game of bingo is a fun way to get your students on top of their shapes.

These are created in black and white to save on printer ink, two bingo cards per sheet. We recommend you laminate the cards and have the students use dry erase markers as the game is played. Calling cards included too.

Don’t forget to set the rules when you start the game – you can have only the horizontal lines count, or you can add diagonal and vertical ones to count too.

Shapes BINGO- Black and White

2D Shapes Flashcards

2D Shapes - Flashcards

These 2D flashcards will help your students with learning 2D shape names.

Many shapes are included so you can easily pick the ones best suited for the age of your students.

2D Shapes Flashcards

How Many Sides? Shapes Worksheets

These basic geometry worksheets encourage kids to explore the sides of each of the basic shapes as they are asked to count and circle the correct number of sides of each given shape. This helps them learn more about 2D shapes and their characteristics. These shape worksheets are made for kindergarten and first grade and come with both diamond and rhombus name. Both versions are also available in both UK and US spelling.

Shapes included: square, circle, oval, triangle, rectangle, hexagon, pentagon, diamond/rhombus, trapezoid/trapezium.

Answer key included.

How many sides does a shape have? Shapes worksheets for kindergarten and first grade

2D Shapes Posters

2D Shape Posters

This simple 2D shapes posters will look great on your classroom wall. There is a variety of shapes included (with different name variants for some of the shapes). These come in both US and UK version.

Shape Posters

2D Shapes and Colors Bingo Cards

Shapes and Colors Bingo Cards - a fun game of bingo to work on shapes and colors

Play a fun game of BINGO and review shapes and colors. These 2D Shapes and Colors Bingo Cards are perfect to use in the classroom, and with 30 different bingo cards the whole class will be able to partake.

These bingo cards print to per sheet and we do recommend you laminate them for continued use (and to use with dry erase markers or tokens).

2D shapes and colors bingo cards - fun bingo game to review shapes

Find and Color Shapes Worksheets

Find and Color - Shapes Worksheets

This set of basic shapes worksheets is great for shape recognition to use in late preschool, kindergarten or first grade.  Great for morning work as it focuses on easy learning and requires no prep. This set of geometry worksheets helps kids identify some of the basic 2D shapes.

8 shapes are covered in this printable set: circle, square, rectangle, star, heart, oval, triangle, octagon. Both US and UK spelling included.

Find and Color all The Shapes Worksheets - Kindergarten and Grade 1