Shapes Reading Comprehension Clip Cards

Shapes Reading Comprehension Clip Cards

Learn with our Shapes Reading Comprehension Clip Cards and improve your recognition skills in a fun way.

These cards will be great for reviewing the shape names, colors, and more.

Shapes Reading Comprehension Clip Cards

The set includes two types of learning cards on 46 pages.

There are 184 cards altogether.

With the first group of cards, kids will need to read the color name and the type of shape, then recognize it among four other colorful shapes below. They will mark the correct answer with a clothespin.

The second group of cards works oppositely. Kids need to recognize the shape and its color, find the written answer at the bottom of the card, and mark it.

The whole set includes the following shapes: circle, triangle, square, rectangle, ellipse, oval, diamond, rhombus, trapezium, trapezoid, parallelogram, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, semicircle, star, heart, arrow, cross, pie, crescent, and kite.

Children will improve their reading comprehension in an easy and fun way.

To make the cards last longer, we suggest printing them on heavier print paper or, even better – laminating them.

Shapes Reading Comprehension Clip Cards for First Grade

Halloween Shadow Matching File Folder Game

Halloween Shadow Matching File Folder Game

Let’s make a Halloween Shadow Matching File Folder Game that will be fun, especially for younger pre-K and K students.

Celebrate the spooky holiday by improving a variety of skills.

Halloween Shadow Matching File Folder Game

The shadow match game aims for kids to look at the silhouettes, recognize them, and then place the corresponding image onto its shadow.

The set includes two pages with Halloween-themed images: a vampire, a spider on its web, a witch, a ghost, a pumpkin, a bat, a mummy, a zombie, and a skeleton.

Kids can also make up their own stories about the characters and place them in the shadows while they talk about them.

Setting up the game is fast – slide the first two pages into the file folder, and laminate the following two pages.

Cut out all of the Halloween characters, stick Velcro dots on the back of the images and onto the shadows, and you’re ready to go.

Halloween Shadow Matching File Folder Game for Kindergarten

Vampire Directed Drawing – How to Draw a Vampire

Vampire Guided Drawing Printable

Grab those markers and follow our Vampire Directed Drawing – How to Draw a Vampire tutorial.

Kids will learn how to draw their Halloween character and color it in only eight easy steps.

How to Draw a Vampire Step by Step Tutorial

Choose among two printable versions.

The first one has a half-empty page – the upper part shows all eight steps to draw your vampire, and the bottom part is for drawing.

The second version has a step-by-step guide on the entire page – kids can draw a giant vampire on a new paper sheet and color it.

Have a fun Halloween!

Vampire Guided Drawing Printable

Kindergarten Pumpkin Math Activities

Work on math with a fun set of Kindergarten Pumpkin Math Activities.

They are great for kindergarten students and fun to solve.

Kindergarten Pumpkin Math Activities

This set includes the following activities: counting to 12, matching and tracing numbers, drawing the correct number of pumpkin seeds, and number recognition.

It is perfect for kindergartners and all the children who need fun math practice.

Kindergarten Pumpkin Math

Pumpkin Shape Matching

Have fun learning about shapes with our Pumpkin Shape Matching activity.

The set is perfect for pre-K and kindergartners who are starting to work on naming shapes and shape recognition skills.

Halloween Pumpkin Shape Matching

There are 8 different shapes in this set: a circle, a square, a star, a triangle, a heart, a rectangle, an oval, and a diamond.

Children need to match the small images and place them onto the bigger matching pumpkin that has the same shape.

You can glue the smaller images on clothespins, or you can use Velcro dots for the purpose.

Pumpkin Shape Matching

Printable Fall Activities

Learn with our set of Printable Fall Activities and work on patterns, counting, sorting, and solving puzzles.

The set is fun and perfect for kindergarten kids.

Printable Fall Activities for Kids

The whole set includes six pages with five different activities.

The first one is patterning – cut out the leaf cards and continue the three patterns. After that, kids can make up their patterns and play with the sequences of leaves.

Continue with the second activity by sorting colors – students will use the same leaf cards as in the first activity and place them over the sorting mat.

On to the next page, they’ll find a counting activity. Kids will count the leaves on each card and circle the correct number.

The next activity is a coloring worksheet – grab your red, brown, and orange marker and use the key to color the leaves accurately.

Finish off by cutting apart the four different leaves, mix them up, and reassemble them to solve the puzzle.

We recommend laminating the activity parts and sheets to make them last longer.

Printable Fall Activities

Rhyme Clip Cards

These rhyme clip cards will help your kids with early literacy development. It’s a fun and easy-to-play activity for kindergartners and includes 40 cards altogether.

Rhyme Clip Cards

Students need to look at the big image, then find out which one of the images below rhymes with it.

There is only one solution on each clip card. When kids find the rhyming match, they need to put a clothespin onto it. The game will improve their motor skills while they have fun searching for the rhyming pairs.

You can choose between two versions – one with words underneath the images and the one without them. You can play some more and encourage your kids to find the rhymes for other images as well.

Laminating is the ideal solution to prolong the life of the clip cards.

Rhyme Clip Cards for Kindergarten

Rhymes Wheel Clip Cards

What words rhyme with each other? Help your students build an understanding of rhymes with these fun rhymes wheel clip cards.

Rhymes Wheel Clip Cards

The rhyme wheels will strengthen your students’ reading and comprehension skills while having a good time rhyming. These clip cards are a great introduction or addition to the CVC words unit.

The set includes 16 rhyme wheels. Students will look at the picture clues in each wheel’s center, find the other images that have the same ending sounds, and then put a clothespin onto them to mark the rhyming words.

You can choose between 2 versions which both include printer-friendly and pre-colored wheels. One version includes written words beside the images, while the second doesn’t.

Rhymes Wheel Clip Cards for Kindergarten

Beginning Middle and Ending Sound Worksheets

Improve your student’s spelling with these beginning, middle, and ending sound worksheets. The set includes five pages with 25 words altogether and is fun to solve.

Beginning Middle and Ending Sound Worksheets

It is perfect for kindergarten kids as it has simple words with images beside them. Young students need to write the beginning, middle, or ending sounds, to form a word.

Children will work on their reading and writing while gaining new grammar skills.

Beginning Middle and Ending Sound Worksheets for Kindergarten

Bugs Patterns File Folder Game

Learn with bug patterns file folder game and find the accurate bug that finishes each pattern. The game will strengthen pattern recognition skills, is easy to assemble, and fun to play.

Bugs Patterns File Folder Game

The game’s goal is to finish the given bug pattern by choosing the accurate image that ends the pattern. The patterns included are ABAB and AABB and are perfect for pre-K and kindergarten students.

The file folder game includes a bug, a dragonfly, a caterpillar, a bee, a butterfly, and a ladybug.

Laminating the pieces will make the game last longer.

Bugs Patterns File Folder Game for Kindergarten

Basic Bee Anatomy Printable Worksheets

These basic bee anatomy worksheets will be a great learning material for spring. Kids will learn about bees’ body parts in a fun and creative way by gluing and pasting labels.

Basic Bee Anatomy Worksheets

The set comes in a printer-friendly and pre-colored version and is great for kids in kindergarten. Students will get to know five essential body parts of a bee: wing, eye, sting, and body.

The honey bee body parts worksheets will also be a great addition to the insects or bugs unit in the classroom, home, or outdoors.

Basic Bee Anatomy Worksheets for Kindergarten


Ladybug Shape Matching Activity

Learn basic shapes with a help of this ladybug shape matching activity. It’s perfect for spring, easy to assemble, and great for kindergartners.

Ladybug Shape Matching

The set includes two pages with a ladybug on the first page and seven shapes on the second one. Cut out all the shapes: a square, a rectangle, a triangle, a diamond, a circle, an ellipse, and a trapezoid.

Your ladybug shape matching activity is ready. To make it last longer, laminate the first page and the pieces.

Place the black shapes onto the accurate positions on a ladybug.

Ladybug Shape Matching Activity

Winter Counting Worksheets

Ready for the winter holiday learning?

We got a fun set of Winter Counting Worksheets, so grab your markers, and let’s practice numbers all up to 27.

Winter Counting Worksheets

The set includes five printer-friendly counting worksheets.

Start with marshmallow counting, where kids need to glue the correct number into the box beside each cup with marshmallows.

On the second page, students will match the number of marshmallows with numbers on cups by drawing a line between them.

Continue to the third worksheet and practice writing numbers up to 8.

The next page is all about connecting dots. Kids will follow the number order from 1 to 27. The image of a coffee mug will reveal. They can color the mug after they finish.

The last page is for all the hot chocolate lovers. Use the worksheet after tasting this delicious drink. It is excellent to improve sensory skill development.

Kids will write down what they smell, feel, see and taste into the blank areas.

Printable Winter Counting Activities

Winter Color by Number Worksheets

Grab those crayons and enjoy our Winter Color by Number Worksheets.

They’re great for kindergartners and those who need to work on numbers up to 12.

WInter Color by Number Worksheets

The set includes three printable worksheets with numbers 1-12.

On the first one, kids will practice their number recognition with numbers 1-4 and color a penguin.

Continue to the second page, where kids need to color each section to reveal a coffee mug. They’ll need to recognize numbers 5-7.

And on the last page, children will be coloring a snowman by following the color codes with numbers from 8 to 12.

WInter Color by Number

Snowman Worksheets

Have fun for winter and solve all the Snowman Worksheets there are.

We prepared a neat set for your youngest ones to solve.

Snowman Worksheets

There are five different snowman worksheets in the set.

Kids will be getting to know snowman parts on the first worksheet – they will glue and paste the labels onto the snowman.

On the second page, they will be counting snowmen then color the correct number underneath each group.

Continue to the third page and practice fine motor skills by tracing differently shaped lines and connecting each snowman with its hat.

Order the snowmen by size on the next page by cutting and pasting them.

Improve your ABCs by tracing the uppercase and lowercase letters on the last worksheet.

Snowman Winter Worksheets

Christmas Pre-K and K Activities

Do your kids need to work on numbers and essential math skills? No worries, we got a printable Christmas Pre-K, and K Activities set to help them out.

This set includes four pages of activities.

On the first page, kids will need to recognize numbers from 1 to 4 and color by number the lights on the Christmas tree.

The second page is all about counting objects – students need to count the same images, then write how many there are. They’ll be counting Christmas hats, Gingerbread Men, candy canes, Xmas tree ornaments, Christmas tree lights, and trees.

Continue to the fourth page, where children will make patterns out of four different Gingerbread Men. Cut out the 16 images, and have them make different patterns. This activity will improve their pattern recognition skills.

And on the last page, there are four different present shapes kids need to recognize and connect them with their words with a line. After they finish, they can trace the words and the shapes with a marker.

Christmas Pre-K and K Activities

Christmas Counting 1-12 Worksheets

Let’s have fun counting numbers with Christmas Counting 1-12 Worksheets.

This set will come in handy for kindergartners and all kids who need to review their counting.

Christmas Numbers 1-12 Worksheets

The set includes four printable pages.

Students will be tracing number words and counting and coloring different objects on the first two pages.

The second and third page has colorful Christmas trees with ornaments on them. Children will count the number of decorations and color the circle with the correct number below each tree.

Have fun counting, and merry Christmas.

Printable Christmas Numbers 1-12 Worksheets

Christmas Letter Recognition Worksheets

Improve your ABCs by solving these Christmas Letter Recognition Worksheets.

They are fun, easy to solve, and perfect for pre-K and kindergartners.

Printable Christmas Letter Recognition Worksheets

The set includes four letter-recognition worksheets.

Kids will focus on lower and uppercase letters on the first two pages by finding the missing letters and writing them down.

The second half of the worksheet set encourages kids to write the letters – they will be tracing the whole alphabet of upper and lower case letters.

Christmas Letter Recognition Worksheets