Hidden Letter B Worksheets

When it comes to letter recognition, having good skills in distinguishing upper case and lower case letters is super important. This fun hidden image letter b worksheet focuses solely on the letter B, kids will be searching and coloring the upper case letters with one color and lower case letters with another.

As they find and correctly color all the letters a hidden image (letters B) will appear on this worksheet.

Great to use for letter revision.

Printable Hidden Image Letter B Worksheets

Find the Letter B Worksheets

Learn the ABC’s with the help of these find the letter B worksheets. Kids can use their crayons, coloring pencils, markers to circle all the B’s and b’s. They can even use daubers to mark all the letters B.

There are two letter B worksheets in this set. One with a capital letter B and one with a small caps letter b. B is for book – so the worksheets include images of books – the young learners can color them with crayons or other coloring supplies.

Cut and Paste Letter B Worksheets

Cut and paste the flying bat, strong magnet, big star, pretty butterfly, yummy banana, strong octopus, big ball, and a scary ghost. These alphabet worksheets focus on B beginning sound.

Bat, butterfly, banana, and a ball go into the letter B column. As they identify the images – bat, butterfly, banana, and ball, let them say the words out loud and ask them to identify the beginning sound – b is for bat, b is for butterfly, b is for a banana, and b is for the ball.

Magnet, star, octopus, and ghost go into the not letter B column. Ask them what the beginning sounds are for the words magnet, star, octopus, and ghost.

The second sheet is all about sorting letters.Cut and Paste Letter B Worksheets for Kids

Letter B Mazes

Can you help the little bugs meet? Lead the ladybug through this maze of letters to help her find her dear friend the caterpillar.

Find your way through the maze by following the trail of letters B – on one letter B worksheet capital B’s on the other the lower case letters B and on the last one a mix of both.

A fun letter recognition worksheet that will make learning the letter B easy peasy.Letter B Mazes for Kids - Alphabet Worksheets

Review the Letter B Worksheets

B is for book! Review the letter B with these letter B worksheets. Practice tracing words book, banana, bird, trace the letters B and work on beginning sounds.

There are two worksheets in this letter B review worksheets set.

On the first page, you will find:
Big lower case and upper case letter B along with a book
Letter tracing practice
Find the letter B
Word tracing: book, banana, and bird

On the second page, you will find:
Big lower case and upper case letter B along with writing directions
Letter B writing practice
Beginning sound practice – images of book, star, bird, and tooth, and kids need to color in the pictures starting with the letter B.

Working on the whole alphabet at the same time? Grab this resource as a handy alphabet bundle here.

Letter B Worksheets - Alphabet Worksheets


Draw and Trace Letter B Worksheets

Trace the letter B! But first, warm up your kid’s hands by having them draw a banana.

Or a bee, bird, birdhouse, beehive, beaver, beard, ballerina, ball, bike or anything else that starts with the letter B.

Two worksheets in this set, lower case B and upper case B.

With these draw and trace letter B worksheets, writing letters is a stress-free experience.

Drawing is a fun activity and thinking about objects that start with letter B makes kids even more familiar with this letter.

As they draw, they will warm up their hands which will make tracing letters easier.

Draw and Trace Letter B Worksheets for Kids

Cut and Paste a Letter B Worksheets

Cut and Paste Build a Letter B Worksheets

Your students will require scissors and glue (and, if they wish, crayons too) to solve these engaging cut and paste, build a letter B worksheets. Worksheets instantly become fun if you add a bit of cutting and pasting. With these alphabet worksheets, your kids will be solving a puzzle, a 4 piece puzzle to be exact. One of the pieces is already in the image, to make things easier for your young learners, the remaining three they need to cut and paste into the correct spaces.

As they complete the puzzles they will uncover a small case letter b and an upper case letter B. When the puzzle is complete, they can also color in the letter and the background.

Cut and Paste Letter B Worksheets


Letter B Color by Letter Worksheets

Umbrellas and paws make B’s and b’s easy with our letter B worksheets. Two images to uncover, the new umbrella and a cute little cat or dog paw, all by solving this letter b color by code worksheet.
On the first sheet, kids will color the B’s purple and b’s blue. An image of a new purple umbrella will appear.
On the second one, the B’s are green and the b’s brown, revealing an adorable little pet paw. Letter B Alphabet worksheets with purple umbrellas and cute little brown paws await you.

Letter B Color by Letter Worksheets


Letter B Tracing Worksheets

Trace the words book and bee along with a bunch of B’s and b’s with this set of letter B tracing worksheets.

The interesting book and a super busy buzzing bee make this set of letter B alphabet worksheet more fun.

Trace capital B’s and the capitalized word BOOK as well as lower case letter B by tracing b’s and the word bee.

Once done tracing kids can color the book and busy buzzing bee image (brown for the book and yellow and black for the bee, or any other color).

Letter B Tracing Worksheets

Letter B Worksheets

Letter B Alphabet Worksheets for Kindergarten

Help your students master the second letter of the alphabet with this letter B worksheets set.

The first page from the set is all about identifying and coloring the objects that start with the letter B. Bike, bird, balloon and boat.

On the next page, kids will be tracing capital and lowercase form of the letter B. These sheets will help your kids to learn how to write the letter B in lowercase and uppercase form. They will also trace the word “banana” at the bottom of this page and get to know how other letters of the ABC’s are written.

On the next one, they need to find all B’s within a bunch of letters and circle them.

Continue and find all the B’s on the next page, color the sections and reveal the hidden image. The last two pages are great for letter recognition.

The next page is a letter maze. Find all the “b’s” and “B’s” to finish it.

On the next two pages, students will learn how to properly write both types of letters and practice fine motor skills at the same time.

The last line on each of these pages are blank, so students can those letters on their own.
To keep them active, encourage them to color all the images in this set.

Letter B Alphabet Worksheets