Hidden Letter E Worksheets

Work your way through the grid full of lowercase e’s and uppercase E’s, color them according to the color key on the worksheet and watch a mystery image reveal itself.

These hidden image letter E worksheets are great for practising letter E recognition as they focus solely on this letter of the alphabet.

Great to use during the letter of the week or as letter review practice.

Find the Letter E Worksheets

These find the letter E worksheets will help your students to master letter recognition and have fun working on the letter E in a fun way. There are 2 worksheets in the set – one with an uppercase letter E, and one with a small caps letter e.

The goal is for kids to find and circle all the E’s and e’s they can find. They can even use daubers to mark them. E is for elephant, so when they finish, they can color the images of elephants with their best crayons.

Find the Letter E Worksheets for Kids

Cut and Paste Letter E Worksheets

Cut and paste the enormous pumpkin, great eagle, cute elephant, sharp pencil, small envelope, gentle jellyfish, a courageous astronaut, and a human ear. These alphabet worksheets focus on the E beginning sound.

Eagle, elephant, envelope, and ear go into the letter E column. As they identify the images – eagle, elephant, envelope, and ear, let them say the words out loud and ask them to identify the beginning sound – e is for eagle, e is for elephant, e is for an envelope, and e is for the ear.

Pumpkin, jellyfish, astronaut. and pencil go into the not letter E column. Ask them what the beginning sounds are for the words pumpkin, jellyfish, astronaut. and a pencil.

The second sheet is all about sorting letters.

Cut and Paste Letter E Worksheets for Kids

Letter E Mazes

Let the ladybug and caterpillar meet up, color your way through the letters E to reveal a path that will help the ladybug find her dear friend Mr. Caterpillar. While solving the maze, some serious letter recognition practice will be in progress.

These letter E worksheets make the letter recognition super easy, they are fun and simple and will help your kids master this letter of the alphabet in no time.

Letter E Mazes for Kids

Review the Letter E Worksheets

E is for ear! Review the letter E with these letter E worksheets. Practice tracing words ear, eagle, envelope, trace the letters E and work on beginning sounds.

Two pages included with many different exercises.

Page 1:
Big lower case and upper case letter E along with an ear
Letter tracing practice
Find the letter E
Word tracing: ear, eagle, and envelope

Page 2:
Big lower case and upper case letter E along with writing directions
Letter E writing practice
Beginning sound practice – images of owl, envelope, ear, and a whale, and kids need to color in the pictures starting with letter E.

Working on the whole alphabet at the same time? Grab this resource as a handy alphabet bundle here.

Letter E Worksheets - Alphabet Worksheets

Draw and Trace Letter E Worksheets

Trace the letter E! But first, warm up your kid’s hands by having them draw an envelope. Or an egg, eagle, elephant, ear, eggplant, elk, eraser or anything else that starts with the letter E.

Two worksheets in this set, lower case E and upper case E.

Engaging and fun, these draw and trace letter D worksheets introduce kids to writing letters without stress.

Drawing is a wonderful activity that will warm up the hands. Once the hands are warmed up tracing the letters becomes an easier task.

Draw and Trace Letter E Worksheets for Kids

Cut and Paste a Letter E Worksheets

We can all agree if you add scissors and glue to the learning experience kids perceive it as play more than work. These cut and paste – build a letter E worksheets are great for preschoolers who are just getting to know their letters and have already evolved basic cutting skills. 3 large rectangles will need to be cut (per letter) and pasted into the correct spots to build the letter E. One of the 4 parts of the letters is already in a place to help young learners out.

A wonderful set of alphabet worksheets that is a fun activity if you are doing the letter of the week.

Cut and Paste Letter E Worksheets

Letter E Color by Letter Worksheets

Anchors and houses make E’s and e’s easy with our letter E worksheets.

Two images to uncover, the heavy boat anchor and an adorable little house, all by solving this letter e color by code worksheet.

On the first sheet, kids will color the E’s blue and e’s yellow. An image of a heavy boat anchor will appear.
On the second one, the E’s are green and the e’s brown, revealing a big strong anchor. Letter E Alphabet worksheets with blue anchors and brown houses await you.

Letter E Color by Letter Worksheets

Letter E Tracing Worksheets

Trace the words egg and eagle along with a bunch of E’s and e’s with this set of letter E tracing worksheets.

The oval egg and a giant bald eagle make this set of letter E alphabet worksheet more entertaining.

Trace capital E’s and the capitalized word EGG as well as lower case letter E by tracing e’s and the word eagle.

Once done tracing kids can color the oval egg and a giant bald eagle image (light yellow for the egg, and yellow and brown for the eagle, or any other color).

Letter E Tracing Worksheets


Letter E Worksheets

These alphabet letter worksheets will help young learners build letter knowledge. They are perfect for both preschool and kindergarten and the ones who need some fun ABC practice.

There are 8 letter E worksheets in this set.

The first one is all about identifying and coloring the objects that start with the letter E. Ear, eagle, eggplant and egg.

Continue to the second page, have the kids trace the simple lines to warm up their hands and then proceed to tracing the letter E.

On the next one, they will circle all the letters E they can find.

The fourth worksheet in this set is a color by letter worksheet.

Continue to the next page, where kids need to solve a letter maze – they need to follow the “E’s” and “e’s” to solve it.

The next two pages are perfect to strengthen letter writing skills. Kids will be tracing the upper and lowercase letters and try to write the “E” on their own in the last blank line.

Finish the exercises by reading 3 simple sentences and finding and coloring the E’s.

Letter E Alphabet Worksheets