Hidden Letter K Worksheets

Sometimes the key to recognition is repetition. If you have students who struggle with letter recognition these hidden image letter K worksheets are great to practice the letter K.

Give your students a blue, pink, red and yellow crayon and have them color in all the boxes in the 7 x 7 grid. This set of worksheets focuses entirely on the letter K, with kids having to identify the upper case letters and lower case letters and color them according to the color key. As they do a hidden letter will appear in the grid.

Printable Hidden Image Letter K Worksheets

Find the Letter K Worksheets

Make the learning of the ABC’s fun and use these find the letter K worksheets to help out kids to learn the letters. These letter K worksheets will strengthen your kid’s letter recognition skills while they hunt for the letter K.

There are 2 worksheets in the set. Children will get to practice both the upper case K as well as a lower case one. After they’re done, they can color the kites, as K stands for kite.

Find the Letter K Worksheets for Kids

Cut and Paste Letter K Worksheets

Cut and paste the hot oven, flying kite, brand new key, long caterpillar, wealthy yacht, curious koala, fast ostrich, and a cool keyboard. These alphabet worksheets focus on the K beginning sound.

Kite, key, koala, and keyboard go into the letter K column. As they identify the images – kite, key, koala, and keyboard let them say the words out loud and ask them to identify the beginning sound – k is for kite, k is for a key, k is for the koala, and k is for a keyboard.

Oven, caterpillar, yacht, and ostrich go into the not letter K column. Ask them what the beginning sounds are for the words oven, caterpillar, yacht, and ostrich.

The second sheet is all about sorting letters.

Letter K Mazes

Help the little ladybug with finding her lost caterpillar friend, it will only take a minute. These fun letter K worksheets are designed to allow kids to practice letter recognition in a fun way.

Find all the letters K (3 worksheets included, one with upper case letter K, one with lower case letter K and one with a mix of both) in order to reveal a path through this letter maze.

Letter K Mazes for Kids Alphabet Worksheets

Review the Letter K Worksheets

K is for kite! Review the letter K with these letter K worksheets. Practice tracing words kite, koala, key, trace the letters K and work on beginning sounds.

Two pages included with many different exercises.

Page 1:
Big lower case and upper case letter K along with a kite
Letter tracing practice
Find the letter K
Word tracing: kite, koala, and key

Page 2:
Big lower case and upper case letter K along with writing directions
Letter K writing practice
Beginning sound practice – images of key, grasshopper, airplane, and kite, and kids need to color in the pictures starting with letter K.

Working on the whole alphabet at the same time? Grab this resource as a handy alphabet bundle here.

Letter K Worksheets - Alphabet Worksheets

Draw and Trace Letter K Worksheets

Draw and Trace Letter K Worksheets

Trace the letter K! But first, warm up your kid’s hands by having them draw a kite. Or a kangaroo, king, key, koala, kettle or anything else that starts with the letter K.

Two alphabet worksheets in this set, upper case K and lower case K.

Tracing letters is easy peasy with this draw and trace letter K worksheets set.

While writing might be intimidating, drawing is fun. As kids draw their creations starting with the letter K their hands will warm up and the next step, tracing a couple of lines of letter K’s will be made easier.

Draw and Trace Letter K Worksheets for Kids

Cut and Paste a Letter K Worksheets

This fun and easy build a letter K worksheet is great for morning work or to give to kids as homework. Cutting and pasting is an activity that kids generally enjoy, so these worksheets won’t feel like work. They help with letter K recognition so they are best suited for kids who are just getting to know their letters.

Cut and Paste Letter K Worksheets

Letter K Color by Letter Worksheets

Moon and bones make K’s and k’s easy with our letter K worksheets.

Two images to uncover, the beautiful crescent moon and an enormous dog bone, all by solving this letter k color by code worksheet.

On the first sheet, kids will color the K’s yellow and k’s black. An image of a beautiful moon will appear.
On the second one, the K’s are purple and the k’s brown, revealing an enormous bone. Letter K Alphabet worksheets with yellow moons and brown bones await you.

Letter K Color by Letter Worksheets

Letter K Tracing Worksheets

Trace the words key and kite along with a bunch of K’s and k’s with this set of the letter K tracing worksheets.

The brand new key and a wonderful flying kite make this set of the letter K alphabet worksheet more engaging.

Trace capital K’s and the capitalized word KEY as well as lower case letter k and the word kite.

Once done tracing kids can color the brand new key and a wonderful flying kite image (yellow and blue for the key, and red, green, and pink for the kite, or any other color).

Letter K Worksheets

Working on letters of the alphabet? This set of worksheets is all about the letter K.

Students will practice letter-sound correspondence while identifying and coloring the objects starting with the letter K on the first page. Kite, koala, keyboard and key are the ones that need to be colored in while dolphin, pumpkin, drum and ladybug stay uncolored.

The second page is about introducing the uppercase and lowercase letter K by tracing the lines and coloring an image of a key.

On the next one, they will use their letter recognition skills to find all the K’s and circle them with a marker.

The fourth page is a color by letter worksheet. They need to find all the K’s and color those areas in yellow color.

Continue the work with an alphabet maze, where students need to draw a line from start to finish by following the uppercase and lowercase letters.

On the next page, they will work only on uppercase letter K. They can color the image of a king in any colors they see fit and try to write the letter on their own in the last blank row.

They will do the same on the next page with the lowercase letter K.

The last worksheet in this set is a page with 3 simple sentences. Kids need to find all the letters K and color them with crayons or markers.