Hidden Letter T Worksheets

Make sure you have a yellow, red, green and purple crayon ready as they will all be needed in order to solve these hidden image letter T worksheet.

Have kids identify the upper case letters T and lower case letters T in the grid and color the boxes with these letters according to the color key given on each of the two worksheets. As they do, a hidden letter T (upper case) and t (lower case) will appear.

Printable Hidden Image Letter T Worksheets

Find the Letter T Worksheets

Working on the letter T? These worksheets will make the process easier.

The find the letter T worksheets are great while learning the letters of the alphabet, as they are fun and easy to solve. Kids will be hunting for the letters T and circle them with markers. T is for tooth, so. when they find all the T’s and t’s, they can color all the images of teeth.

Cut and Paste Letter T Worksheets

Cut and paste the big table, adorable unicorn, a huge tent, cute panda bear, little duck, big tooth, an erupting volcano, and a new tie. These alphabet worksheets focus on the T beginning sound.
Table, tent, tooth, and tie go into the letter T column. As they identify the images – table, tent, tooth, and tie, let them say the words out loud and ask them to identify the beginning sound – t is for a table, t is for tent, t is for tooth, t is for a tie.
Unicorn, panda, duck, and volcano go into the not letter T column. Ask them what the beginning sounds are for Unicorn, panda, duck, and volcano.

The second sheet is all about sorting letters.

Cut and Paste Letter T Worksheets for Kids

Letter T Mazes

Try and find your way through this maze by following the letters T, practice letter recognition both with upper and lowercase letter T. These simple letter T worksheets ask kids to help the ladybug find her friend who is all the way on the other side of the letter maze.

Let the kids inspect the letters in the maze and color their way through by marking the letters t. 3 worksheets included in this set.

Letter T Mazes for Kids Alphabet Worksheets

Review the Letter T Worksheets

T is for train! Review the letter T with these letter T worksheets. Practice tracing words train, tie, tent, trace the letters B and work on beginning sounds.

There are two worksheets in this letter T review worksheets set.

On the first page, you will find:
Big lower case and upper case letter T along with a book
Letter tracing practice
Find the letter T
Word tracing: train, tie, and tent

On the second page, you will find:
Big lower case and upper case letter T along with writing directions
Letter T writing practice
Beginning sound practice – images of train, fox, tent, and koala, and kids need to color in the pictures starting with the letter T.

Working on the whole alphabet at the same time? Grab this resource as a handy alphabet bundle here.

Letter T Worksheets - Alphabet Worksheets

Draw and Trace Letter T Worksheets

Draw and Trace Letter T Worksheets

Trace the letter T! But first, warm up your kid’s hands by having them draw a tortoise. Or a tree, tiger, table, tent, tub, train, truck, tie, turkey, tomato, tooth or anything else that starts with the letter T.

Two alphabet worksheets in this set, upper case T and lower case T.

As the kids proceed to draw their letter T masterpiece, their hands will be warming up for tracing the letters later one.

Our draw and trace letter T worksheets are the focus on making the letter tracing fun and to have the kids thinking about beginning sounds. Encourage your kids to name as many objects that start with the letter T as possible.

Draw and Trace Letter T Worksheets for Kids

Cut and Paste a Letter T Worksheets

Print these letter T alphabet worksheets and give your kids some cutting and pasting practice as well as letter recognition practice. When your kids cut the 3 puzzle pieces ask them to try and build the letter T on the designated area above. Once confident they found the right spots, ask them to glue the puzzle pieces to complete the puzzle.

Cut and Paste Letter T Worksheets

Letter T Color by Letter Worksheets

Hands and seahorses make T’s and t’s easy with our letter T worksheets.

Two images to uncover, the cute little hand and a beautiful swimming seahorse, all by solving this letter t color by code worksheet.

On the first sheet, kids will color the T’s brown and t’s blue. An image of a cute hand will show.
On the second one, the T’s are yellow and the t’s pink, revealing a majestic seahorse. Letter T Alphabet worksheets with brown hands and yellow seahorses await you.

Letter T Color by Letter Worksheets

Letter T Tracing Worksheets

Trace the words tent and truck along with a bunch of T’s and t’s with this set of letter T tracing worksheets.

The small and lovely camping tent and a heavy-loaded truck make this set of letter T alphabet worksheet more engaging.

Trace capital T’s and the capitalized word TENT as well as lower case letter T by tracing t’s and the word truck.

Once done tracing kids can color the small and lovely camping tent and a heavy-loaded truck image (green and blue for the tent, and brown, black and blue for the truck, or any other color).

Letter T Tracing Worksheets

Letter T Worksheets

Working on letter T? These fun ABC worksheets are perfect for kindergartners and other kids who need to work on their letters.

The set includes 8 pages and is great for homeschooling and in the classroom.

On the first page, kids need to recognize and find the objects that begin with the letter T.
They will use their best crayons to color the images and learn at the same time. Tooth, table, tie and tent can be colored, while the ruler, unicycle, anchor, jellyfish and fan will remain uncolored.

On the second page, there is a nice introduction to the small letters and capital letters.
Kids will be tracing the letters, lines, and a word “truck” at the bottom.

Work on letter recognition through the next few pages.

On the third page, children need to find all the T’s among a bunch of other letters.

The fourth page is a color by letter worksheet – students need to find and color the areas that have a letter T in it to reveal the hidden image.

Another hunt game is the letter maze worksheet. Kids need to draw a line from start to finish in order to solve the maze by following the upper and lowercase letters T.

The next page is all about the uppercase letter T. The letters have marked guides that lead the student with their writing. They need to trace them all and try to write the letter on their own into the last row.

The same goes for the next page, only there they’ll be working on the lowercase letter T.

The last worksheet includes 3 simple sentences – kids need to find all the “T’s” and “t’s” within them, and color those letters with a marker.

Letter T Alphabet Worksheets