Printable Silly Masks

Time to get silly with this collection of 5 silly masks. All of the masks come in both black and white and pre-colored versions, so print the ones that your kids will like the most.

The masks included in this set are: alien bee (you have to check it out), a magical unicorn, silly looking crocodile, friendly mouse and a young little warlock.

Halloween Printable Masks Templates

Printable Halloween Masks

Are you ready for a fun Halloween party? These printable Halloween masks will be a hit.

Print on heavier print paper, cut out eyes and punch holes for the string. Thread elastic string through the holes on the side and the masks are ready to go.

These are available both pre-colored and in black and white for kids to color in themselves.

Characters included: witch, bat, cat, Frankenstein’s monster, vampire, Jack-o-lantern.

Printable Halloween Masks