Printable Happy New Year Mask Template

Celebrate New Year with this fun Printable Happy New Year Mask Template! Print out the full color mask or the black and white one and have the kids decorate it however they see fit.

A wonderful mask that makes the hours until midnight more fun for you and the kids. They make a great photo prop too!

Printable Happy New Year Mask Template

Printable Cupcake Mask Template

Let’s talk about cupcakes! This Printable Cupcake Mask Template is great to kick start a fun writing assignment. Ask your students what kind of cupcakes they would be if they were cupcakes or what would their dream cupcake look like, toppings and all.

Let them describe the colors, the cupcake wrapper, the taste of the dough and the cream and write it all down on paper, all while also wearing this adorable cupcake mask.

Printable Cupcake Mask Template

Printable Cake Mask Template

Who wants to be a delicious cake? With this printable cake mask template you can become one! Print the full color one and cake-ify yourself straight away or print the black and white cake mask template and decorate it however you see fit.

This fun mask will be entertaining for your students, especially the black and white one as they can decorate it to be the cake of their dreams. Great for classroom birthday parties.

Printable Cookie Mask Template

Become delicious with our Printable Chocolate Chip Cookie Mask Template.

This mask is a great addition to a writing assignment – have the kids write what kind of cookie they would be if they were a cookie. Would they have chocolate chips in? Sprinkles? Deliciously flavoured icing?

Both full color and coloring cookie mask are included.

Printable Snowman Mask Template

As the temperatures outside drop your kids could turn into real snowmen. Well not really, but with our festive Printable Snowman Mask Template they can get really close.

This snowman is rocking a cool red hat, which makes this one great as a Christmas mask too.

Available both as a coloring page snowman mask and as a full color mask.

Printable Snowman Mask Template

Printable Gift Box Mask Template

Turn yourself into a present with our silly printable gift box mask template. This is a great activity for a classroom Christmas party – you can pair it up with a writing assignment, having kids write about what kind of gifts they are.

Printable Gift Box Mask Template

Printable Clown Mask Template

Become a class of clowns and clown around! This fun printable clown mask template transforms your students into silly little clowns.

Print the masks, either the full color one or the black and white one that kids can decorate all on their own and have the kids put on a circus show. Let them do pranks, tell jokes or just be plain ol’silly.Printable Clown Mask Template

Printable Gingerbread Man Mask Template

Transform your students into sweet and delicious gingerbread men! This fun Christmas mask is great to give to the students if you are throwing a classroom Christmas party.

We kept it nice and simple, with plenty of space for kids to add their own decorating. Add sprinkles, make iced sugar pattern. Most of all, let them have a ton of fun.

Printable Gingerbread Man Mask Template

Printable Christmas Tree Mask Template

Make your Christmas classroom party a hit with our Printable Christmas Tree Mask Template. Print out the masks, full color or even better black and white ones and have the kids make their own Christmas tree mask.

The black and white coloring page Christmas mask will let your kids decorate their Christmas tree with their favorite colors – and you’ll end up with a bunch of lovely trees.

Printable Christmas Tree Mask Template

Printable Moon Mask Template

What’s hidden on the dark side of the moon? Spark up a fun conversation in your class while kids wear this fun moon mask.

A fun way to learn about our natural satellite, add it to your day and nigh session, planet Earth unit study or space.

Comes as a full color mask as well as a black and white mask to color.

Printable Earth Mask Template

This earth mask can be used to learn all about our planet or for celebrating the Earth day.

This planet Earth mask comes bot as a full color mask template as well as a black and white coloring page Earth mask for kids to color in.

Printable Ghost Mask Template

Why be a scary ghost if you can be a friendly one. This cute  Printable Ghost Mask Template will transform your little one into the most adorable little ghosts.

A fun Halloween mask for kids to play with.

Printable Monster Mask Template

Put on a scary face or just use our Printable Monster Mask Template and say “Raaaaaaaaaaa”.

This silly monster mask comes in black and white mask to color as well as a full color mask.

We’ve made this one to be very basic so kids can really get creative when they color it in. Maybe draw an additional eye? Or spots, stars or triangles. A nose with a mole maybe? Create the silliest monster possible.