Christmas Counting 1-12 Worksheets

Let’s have fun counting numbers with Christmas Counting 1-12 Worksheets.

This set will come in handy for kindergartners and all kids who need to review their counting.

Christmas Numbers 1-12 Worksheets

The set includes four printable pages.

Students will be tracing number words and counting and coloring different objects on the first two pages.

The second and third page has colorful Christmas trees with ornaments on them. Children will count the number of decorations and color the circle with the correct number below each tree.

Have fun counting, and merry Christmas.

Printable Christmas Numbers 1-12 Worksheets

Apple Number Matching

Get ready to learn numbers up to 20 with the Apple Number Matching set.

This activity offers kids to work on numbers by finding apple halves and putting them together.

Printable Apple Number Matching

There are 10 pages in this set with 20 apples. Cut out the apples and cut them in half. Kids need to count the apple seeds and find the matching number on the upper half of each apple.

We recommend laminating the pieces for longer use.

Have fun counting numbers 1-20.

Apple Number Matching

Apple Baskets Counting 1-20

Ready to improve your students’ number recognition skills? We got a fun Apple Baskets Counting 1-20 activity that will be fun the whole year-round and especially before going back to school.

Printable Apple Baskets Counting 1-20

This set includes ten pages with numbers from 1 to 20. Cut the pages in half, laminate them (optional) and let the fun begin.

Kids can use dabbers, markers, or other coloring supplies to mark how many apples are in a basket. You could also place playdough, small stones, or any other material to mark the number of apples.

Enjoy counting and strengthening your skills!

Apple Baskets Counting 1-20

Apple Activities for Kindergarten

Are your kids getting ready for school? If your kids need some fun printable materials for learning, this set will be perfect.

Enjoy learning with a bunch of apple activities for kindergarten.

Printable Apple Activities for Kindergarten

The set includes 6 pages with different activities.

Get your children to learn about parts of the apple. They’ll need to investigate an apple and place its pieces onto the paper (a leaf, flesh, skin, a stem, seeds, and core).

Laminate the page for multiple uses.

Next, you’ll find a dot-to-dot worksheet; kids need to follow the number order from 1 to 18 by tracing the apple.

Students will be improving their counting to 10 on the next page, where they’ll need to write the accurate number beside the worms.

There is a maze to solve on the fourth page – kids need to draw a line from the worm to the apple.

The next activity is placing pom-poms onto the apple tree – you can use any other pieces, such as stones or playdough. We suggest laminating the page if you want to use it over and over accordingly; kids will need to follow the key and color the apples in the basket on the last page.

Apple Activities for Kindergarten

Fall Color by Number Word

This set of fall themed color by number word worksheets will help your young learners with their reading.

There are 5 different worksheets in the set.

Students need to find the sections with the same number word and color it accordingly to the color key at the bottom.

On the first page, there is a cute looking hedgehog with a mushroom and an delicious apple. The second page has a silly squirrel with an umbrella. On the third page, kids will be coloring a fall forest. The fourth page has two Mason jars to color in full of delicious fall preserves, and on the last one, there are boots with fall leaves and an umbrella.

Fall Color by Number Word Worksheets

Spring Color by Number Word

Spring Color by Number Word for Kids
Have your kids color these spring color by number word worksheets to find out how the numbers are written.
Each image is made out of smaller sections. Kids need to find the sections with the same number word and color those sections with the same color (as the color key at the bottom says).
There are 5 pages in this set that include numbers from 1 to 5 and are appropriate for preschoolers and kids in kindergarten.
On the first page, there is a watering can with some flowers to color in. The second page includes a singing bird on a branch. On the third page, young learners will color a bee and a flower. Continue to the next one, where there are two birds and a birdhouse that needs coloring. And on the fifth page, there is a rain boat in the puddle.
Spring Color by Number Word

Monster Eye Counting Activity Mats

These monster eye counting activity mats are great for Halloween or when you need some fun “numbers to 10” hands on activites for your kids.

There are ten different counting mats in this set. Each one has a colorful monster on it, a large outline of the numeral (from 1 to 10), the number word, and an empty ten frame.

Kids can finger-trace and fill the big numeral on each page with playdough or trace it with dry-erase markers.
Then they will need to place the correct amount of eyes on each monster and on the ten frames – this can be done with counters, the printable eyes included in this set or even playdough.

Monster Eye Counting Activity Mats

Summer Color by Number – Color by Code

This set of color by number worksheets is a pack of fun for your kids or students and a great way to either learn about numbers or do number revision.

Number recognition will be fun with these summer worksheets.

Kids will be identifying numbers all up to 5 while having fun coloring the summer scenes which makes these great for preschool.

Included in this set are designs of a beach, ice creams, caterpillar and a ladybug, a sun, and a sailboat at the sea.

Summer Color by Number - Worksheets

1-10 Number Sense File Folder Game

Can your students count to 10? Yes? That’s great! Can they identify the numbers from 1 to 10 when written in different ways? This caterpillar number sense file folder game lets your students and kids explore different ways of showing the numbers.

As kids identify the numbers they build the caterpillars – all caterpillars are marked by a number from 1 to 10 and their bodies are missing 4 circles – one with a number written with the word, one with the number shown on a dice, one with the number shown on a ten frame and one with a tally mark.

Number Sense File Folder Game

I Can Count to 20 File Folder Game

Let the kids practice counting to 20 and number sense with this counting to 20 file folder game.

The numbers on the snails are shown in ten frames and kids need to count the dots in the ten frames and match the snail house with the correct number on it.

It’s a great interactive learning aid that is perfect for spring time.

Counting to 20 File Folder Game

Halloween Color by Number

Halloween Color by Number

Color by number worksheets are great for number recognition or to scare away boredom.

This set of Halloween color by number worksheets includes two fun designs and numbers from 1 to 5 which makes them great for younger kids too .

They are great as a handout for your Halloween classroom party (kindergarten aged kids are a good age group for these). The images are well hidden, once colored a smiling vampire and a Jack – o -lantern will uncover.

Halloween Color by Number

Pumpkin Number Mats – Numbers 1 to 10

Pumpkin Number Mats - learning the numbers from 1 to 10

These printable number mats can be either used as play dough mats (or to be used with erasers or other small objects) or as worksheets (handy ink saving black and white version being perfect for that).

They are great for reinforcing number sense and fine motor skills if used with play dough. The goal is to build the number on a ten frame, trace the number on the writing line, write the numbers from 1 to 10 independently and to read o numbers.

We do recommend laminating these mats so that they can be used multiple times.

Printable Number Mats perfect for fall and Halloween

Halloween Dot to Dot Numbers to 30

Just for fun or to practice counting from 1 to 30, print these Halloween dot to dot worksheets.

Two easy connect the dots, with Halloween motives will help reinforce counting skills, making them perfect for kindergarten aged kids.

Once the dots are connected, the first image revealed will show a pair of Jack-p-Lanterns, one on top of the other and the second one a happy, friendly bat.