Printable Dolphin Mask Template

Print out our dolphin mask duo, one pre colored and one in black and white for kids to color in by themselves, and let the fun begin.

These are great to include in your dramatic corner (along with our other ocean animals printable masks) and they are great for dramatic play.

Best printed on heavier print paper / cardstock.

Printable Dolphin Mask Template

Printable Crab Mask Template

Crab Printable Masks

There are so many amazing creatures under the sea, and crab certainly is one of them. This cute printable crab mask template will take pretend play to a whole new level. Print out our pre colored crab mask template or use the black and white one and have the kids color the crab however they see fit.

The crab printable mask works best when printed on heavier print paper or cardstock.

Printable Crab Mask Template

Printable Clown fish Mask Template

Clownfish Mask

Get silly with the clownfish. If your students are fans of these fish or if they want to put up a play of Finding Nemo, this cool printable mask will do the job.

We prepared a pre-colored version that is ready to go as well as a black and white version that kids can color in by themselves.

These printable paper masks work best when printed on cardstock.

Printable Clownfish Mask Template

Paper Weaving Turtle Craft Template

Paper Weaving Turtle Craft

Perfect little summer craft to make with your kids or a fun activity to go along with a ocean animals study.

This craft uses one of the kids favorite crafting activities – paper weaving – to make the coolest turtle shells ever! You can have the kids use two shades of the same color (or similar ones) or go completely wild with their color selection. No need to stick with just two colors either!

Simple instructions are included on the template.

Great for scissor skills in late preschool and kindergarten.

Paper Weaving Turtle Craft. Simple paper craft for kids.

Scissor Skills Jellyfish Craft

This wonderful craft will turn out best if you make the jellyfish body and tentacles in different colors. This can be done either by printing the template on papers in different colors or having the kids color in the templates by themselves.

Two sizes are included so these are suitable for younger kids too. Great for cutting beginners as the body of the jellyfish slightly curvy but big enough so it’s easy to cut, while the tentacles are made by straight cuts only.

A fun summer craft for preschool and kindergarten.

Jellyfish Crafts for Kids With Printable Template

Sea Animals Coloring Pages

Sea Animals Coloring Pages

Hope you have your crayons ready as these sea animals coloring pages are hard to resist!

These ocean animals coloring pages will be loved by kids big and small, there are many adorable characters to color in and all are looking friendly and sweet.

The collection includes a friendly looking whale, a seahorse with the cutest eyes ever, a crab that will be your best friend, s sea turtle swimming in the ocean, a friendly shark that doesn’t have a pinch of fierceness in him, a silly looking octopus. We also have a jiggly jellyfish, a killer whale that looks adorable, a couple of fish to color in and a friendly looking dolphin. All in all a nice variety of sea dwellers your kids or students will love to color.

Ocean Animals Coloring Pages

Simple Octopus Paper Craft

This fun octopus paper craft is great for scissor practice – we’ve included a variety of templates so you can easily get just the one that’s right for your age group.

This little fellow can be used both as an octopus craft or as an jellyfish craft.

Single page craft, as well as classroom friendly version with body pieces and head on separate sheets perfect for printing on paper in different colors.


Fish Clothespin Puppets

Dive into the blue ocean (or a green pond) with this set of fish clothespin puppets.

There are 4 different fish designs included in this set and all of the designs come in both full color and black and white as well as facing left and facing right.

To make these puppets, print the template on heavier print paper / cardstock, cut out the outline and the mouth line (designated on the template) and glue them on a (preferably) wooden clothespin. Simple instructions are included on each sheet.

Printable Fish Clothespin Puppets

Dolphin Coloring Pages

Dolphin Coloring Pages

Dive deep into the ocean and take a swim with the dolphins. This wonderful set features a bunch of hand drawn friendly dolphin coloring pages.

Dolphin Coloring Pages for Kids

Ocean and Sea Animals Coloring Pages

Ocean Animals Coloring Pages

Dive deep into the sea with this set of fun coloring pages for kids. Great to give the kids during the summer break.

As these coloring pages feature animal names next to the animals they are also a great addition to your ocean animals unit study.

Sea Animals Coloring Pages for Kids