Starfish Paper Hats Printable Template

Love summer crafts? Let’s make a fun starfish paper hat for this summer. Kids will love coloring it with their best coloring supplies and enjoy wearing their unique hats.

Starfish Paper Crown
Choose between 3 versions to print – a b&w one, a pre-colored version, or a partly-colored starfish paper crown template.
Kids will enjoy wearing their sea star paper hat during the ocean animals unit or during storytime. The hat can also come in handy for summer parties.
To assemble the paper hat, follow the provided instructions on cutting and gluing the crown together on the set’s last page.

Starfish Paper Hat Template

Seahorse Coloring Pages

Printable Seahorse Coloring Sheets

Are you ready for the summer fun? We sure are! Grab the set of Seahorse Coloring Pages suitable for kids of all ages!

Printable Seahorse Coloring Sheets

The set includes designs ranging from easy-to-color to more detailed illustrations.

We’re sure everyone can enjoy coloring these magnificent creatures.

Especially if your kids are fans of ocean animals!

Join us on this coloring adventure, become our member (if you haven’t yet), and enjoy countless fun and educative content from our membership library.

Printable Seahorse Coloring Pages

Peek-a-Boo Shark Craft

With its delightful peek-a-boo concept, this craft template will captivate children and adults alike. Dive into the world of these magnificent creatures as you bring your shark to life. Simply print the template, follow the easy instructions, and let your creativity take the plunge.

The black-and-white version allows you to customize your shark’s appearance. Bring out the artist within as you choose vibrant or realistic hues to make your shark truly one-of-a-kind. Let your imagination swim freely and experiment with different color combinations, patterns, and textures.

If you prefer a hassle-free experience, our pre-colored version is perfect for you. It showcases a beautifully designed shark with striking colors and intricate details, ready to be assembled. Just print, cut, and assemble, and your playful shark will be ready to make a splash in no time.

In addition to the shark craft, we added an extra touch of creativity with a collection of writing prompts. These prompts are designed to spark imagination and encourage storytelling, making them a fantastic addition to the craft activity. Incorporate the prompts by attaching them to the completed shark craft and transform them into a captivating bulletin board display in your classroom. Watch as your students’ written expressions dive deeper into the ocean-themed world, creating an immersive and educational experience for everyone involved. Let the combination of crafts and writing prompts inspire and engage young minds.

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Starfish Directed Drawing – How to Draw a Starfish

Starfish Guided Drawing Printable

Are your kids ready to dive into the fascinating world of marine life? Have them use the Starfish Directed Drawing – How to Draw a Starfish tutorial and draw a starfish on their own!

Starfish Guided Drawing Printable

Our step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the process in 9 easy steps.

In this set, you’ll find two printable tutorials.

The first tutorial includes a blank space at the bottom, allowing kids to draw directly on the page. The second tutorial covers the entire page, so kids will need an extra sheet of paper to draw on.

How to Draw a Starfish Step by Step Tutorial

Seahorse Paper Hats Printable Template

Use these seahorse paper hat templates during the ocean animal unit study and make learning fun. Kids can color them in their own colors and wear the hats while they’re telling stories.

Seahorse Paper Crown

They are perfect for pre-K and kindergarten students as they can be adjusted to fit anyone. The seahorse paper crowns will also be great for parties, other kids’ activities in the classroom or home.

Assembling the hat is quick and super easy by cutting out the template and gluing the strips to the main paper crown.

Seahorse Paper Hat Template

Octopus Paper Hats Printable Template

Create your own octopus paper hat using this set of templates. It’s super fun to wear and easy to assemble. Kids can use their best coloring supplies to color the octopus on their own or choose the pre-colored or partly-colored version to print.

Octopus Paper Crown

The set also includes octopus 8 tentacles, so kids can glue them onto the hat to make this beautiful animal stand out. These lovely ocean critters will entertain your kids during pretend-play or storytelling.

To assemble the octopus paper crown, follow the instructions on the last page.

Octopus Paper Hat Template

Fish Paper Hats Printable Template

Love ocean animals? Cut out and color this fish paper hat template – it is super easy to assemble and fun to wear. Kids will love playing with their fish paper crown while in class or at home – especially after seeing the adorable story of Finding Nemo.

Fish Paper Crown

The set has 3 different templates to choose from: a printer-friendly one, a pre-colored page, and a partly colored fish paper crown. Kids can glue on the fish’s fins too.

To assemble the crown, cut along the dashed lines, glue the two strips together on each side, then measure against your kid’s head and cut the strips shorter if needed.

Fish Paper Hat Template

Jellyfish Paper Hats Printable Template

This jellyfish paper hat is super easy to assemble and fun to wear. The paper crown will be great for storytime or pretend-play with your students in the summer.

This set of templates includes 3 different pages – a pre-colored one, a partly-colored page, and a black and white jellyfish paper hat template.

Jellyfish Paper Crown

Use them during the ocean animals unit or when talking about sea life with your class. Students can glue on the stingy tentacles to make the jellyfish paper crown look even better.

These lovely paper headbands will suit kids and adults, as they can be adjusted by cutting the strips off to the preferred length. Follow the simple instructions on the last page to assemble the paper hat.

Jellyfish Paper Hat Template

Whale Coloring Pages

Want to color some more ocean animals? Summer is just perfect to color these whale coloring pages.

Get those crayons and markers running and color them all. We bet your kids will love the variety of designs.

Whale Coloring Sheets

This collection includes 30 different whales. You can choose from the most simple to more detailed designs, or simply print and color all of them.

They will be fun when learning about ocean animals and marine mammals too.

Whale Coloring Pages

Octopus Coloring Pages

Looking for some summer printables? Enjoy coloring a bunch of Octopus Coloring Pages.

They will be perfect for holidays and to keep your kids busy with a bunch of different octopus designs.

Octopus Coloring Sheets

This set includes 30 octopus coloring pages. You can choose between the most easy-to-color to more detailed pages older kids will love.

Just perfect for summer coloring.

Octopus Coloring Pages

Jellyfish Coloring Pages

Want to color a bunch of sea animals? Get your crayons running and color all of the Jellyfish Coloring Pages.

The designs go from the most easy-to-color ones to more detailed ones and are appropriate for kids of all ages.

Jellyfish Coloring Sheets

There are 25 coloring sheets in this set. They will be perfect for summer or any other time during the year when you want to keep kids busy for a while.

Enjoy the vacations and holidays by coloring these amazing ocean animals.

Jellyfish Coloring Pages

Jellyfish Guided Drawing – How to Draw a Jellyfish

Get ready to learn how to draw this amazing sea creature with our Jellyfish Guided Drawing – How to Draw tutorial. This guide is perfect for kids of all ages, and all those who love to draw.

Jellyfish Guided Drawing Printable

There are two tutorials in this set. The first page includes smaller tutorial images and has a space to draw on the sheet itself. The other guide has bigger step-by-step images and can be used to follow and draw on the separate sheet of paper.

Drawing this jellyfish is fun, as you’ll be done in 9 simple steps. It is perfect for summertime!

How to Draw a Jellyfish Step by Step Tutorial

Crab Paper Hats Printable Template

This crab paper hat template will be a great addition to the ocean animal unit study. Use it during class or as a fun craft activity at home to keep your kids busy. It’s fun and easy to assemble.

The crab paper crowns are suitable for kids and adults, as they can be adjusted to fit anyone.

Crab Paper Crown

The set includes 3 different templates – one for kids to color, the second is pre-colored, and a third one, which is partly colored.

Kids can use their best crayons or markers and color their own crab with any colors they want. They can glue crab’s legs and pincers onto the crown too.

Assemble the paper hats with ease by following the instructions on the last page of this set.

Crab Paper Hat Template

Clownfish Paper Hats Printable Template

Your kids will enjoy wearing and playing with this clownfish paper hat. It’s super easy to assemble and fun to wear.

The set includes 3 different templates to print. The first one is a printer-friendly clownfish crown, the second one is pre-colored, and the third one is a partly colored version.

Clownfish Paper Crown

These clownfish paper crowns are a great craft activity during class when learning about sea life and ocean animals. The last page includes step by step instructions on how to put the clownfish paper hat together.

Clownfish Paper Hat Template

Whale Paper Hats Printable Template

Get into the summer mood with this whale paper hat template. The crown is super easy to assemble and fun to wear. It will perfectly fit kids and adults as the straps can be adjusted.

Whale Paper Crown
The set has 3 different templates to choose from: a printer-friendly whale that kids can color on their own, a pre-colored template with blank strips, and a pre-colored template.

Use these whale paper crowns in the classroom while learning about sea animals or print them out when you need to work on storytelling and want to include pretend-play in your class.

To assemble the whale paper crowns, follow the step-by-step instructions on the set’s last page.

Whale Paper Hat Template

3D Paper Octopus Craft Template

Want to create something special for summer? This 3D paper octopus craft template will be perfect for kindergartners.

It’s super easy to assemble and fun to color and play with, as it can spin its head around.

3D Paper Octopus Craft

There are three different versions of the 3D octopus in this set. A printer-friendly version that kids can color, a blue octopus on a yellow base, and a pink octopus with a blue base.

The craft is easy to assemble following the provided instructions. Print out the template, cut out the pieces, use a split pin to secure the two circles, and glue on the head parts.

Your 3D paper octopus can now spin its head around 360 degrees.

3D Paper Octopus Craft Template

Lobster Coloring Page

Keep your children busy for a while with a fun lobster coloring page.

This underwater animal lives mostly on the sea floor and has enormous claws. It will be perfect during the ocean animals unit and can be great during the summer holidays.

The design is simple, as it contains big areas for your kids or students to color them in. It is suitable for younger kids who love their crayons and older ones.

Lobster Coloring Page

Ocean Animals Matching File Folder Game

Can you match up all the ocean animals? In this ocean animals match file folder game, kids need to find the bottom halves of the ocean animals and make them whole.
12 fun characters to put together: a happy jellyfish, an enormous whale, a black and white orca, a silly swimming dolphin, a tropical fish, shark showing its teeth, an intelligent octopus, a big seashell, another silly fish, another cool shark, a lovely little crab, and a happy seahorse.

This fun learning game is perfect for toddlers and kids in preschoolers. Kids in kindergarten will love matching the ocean animals too!

To set up the game, print all 3 pages.

Set the first two aside and cut the 12 rectangles with the bottom parts of ocean animals bodies. Laminate the bottom parts of ocean animals bodies and attach velcro on the back. Laminate the sheets with top parts of ocean animals bodies. Attach velcro inside the dashed line rectangles. Find the pairs to make the ocean animals bodies whole.