Dinosaur Puppet Templates

Dinosaur Finger Puppets Template

Let your students or kids go on a fun prehistoric adventure with our printable dinosaur puppets. These fun puppets make learning about dinosaur even more fun.

Dinosaur Finger Puppets Template

The set includes ten different dinosaur finger puppet templates in a full-colored and black and white version the kids can color in all by themselves.

Whether you’re hosting a dinosaur-themed party, want to add Jurassic fun to your classroom, or just looking for a creative activity, these dino puppets are perfect for roaring good times!

The ten popular dinosaur templates include Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, T-Rex, Plesiosaurus, Carnotaurus, Parasaurolophus, Ankylosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Pterodactyl.

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Dinosaur Finger Puppets

Bug Puppet Templates

Bugs Finger Puppets Template

Can you ever have enough bug crafts? We think not, although this large set of bug puppet templates comes close – there are, after all, 10 puppets waiting to be assembled.

Bugs Finger Puppets Template

The set includes ten different bugs: ant, butterfly, bee, ladybug, beetle, moth, grasshopper, firefly, mantis, and dragonfly, available in both black and white and full-color versions.

These easy-to-use PDF templates make crafting a breeze. All you need are scissors, glue, and, optionally, coloring supplies to bring these adorable critters to life.

These finger puppets provide hours of entertainment and learning, whether at home, in the classroom as a fun group activity.

Our printable bug puppets come in as a handy PDF file.

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Bugs Finger Puppets

Build a Puppet Forest Animals Craft

With our printable build a puppet forest animals crafts, kids will be able to assemble four fun looking, woodland creatures. Have them make a fox puppet, a deer puppet, a bear puppet and a raccoon puppet.

We’re sure these will be handy at home or in the classroom.

The set includes two versions with four animals – a black-and-white and a full-colored version.

You’ll find a fox craft, deer craft, bear craft, and raccoon craft template in the set.

If you’re preparing the craft for multiple students, we included sheets that make printing easy (with all eyes on one sheet, different noses, ears, and more to easily print on colored paper).

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Build a Puppet Forest Animals Craft

Build a Puppet Halloween Craft

Can you ever have too many Halloween crafts? We don’t think so!

This build-a-puppet Halloween craft template features a set of 5 different Halloween monsters your kids will love to make and play with. These are great to make at home or in the classroom as they are an easy no-prep activity.

The five puppets included in the set are a witch craft, a vampire craft, a Frankenstein craft, a Jack-o-lantern craft, and a skeleton craft. All of these printable puppet crafts come both as a pre-colored template or as a black and white template the kids can either color or you can print them on colored paper.

If you are making this in the classroom, we have also included sheets that make printing even easier (with all eyes on one sheet, and multiple sets of mouths on another…)

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Dragon Movable Paper Doll Template

Fly with the legendary creatures and craft your one in no time. Your kids can color their dragon movable paper doll template however they want. The craft is fun and easy to assemble.

Choose a heavier print paper or construction paper to make this dragon doll craft last longer. If you decide to go with the regular paper, you could also laminate the pieces before assembling them.

Dragon Paper Doll

The set includes a printer-friendly version and three full-color versions (green, purple, and red dragon).

To assemble your dragon, follow the instructions provided on each page of the template.

Punch out the holes from the body and dragon’s wings. Use paper split pins (paper fasteners) to combine the wings with the body and push them through the designated holes. Now string the thread through the two holes that are left and tie.

Your dragon is ready to fly – pull the threads and watch its wings move.

Dragon Movable Paper Doll Template

Donkey Movable Paper Doll Template

Get ready to add another farm animal to your crafting projects. Print out the donkey movable paper doll template – it’s fun and easy to assemble.

Kids can color the donkey with their coloring supplies, or you can choose to print out the full-color version.

We recommend printing the template on a heavier print paper or construction paper to make the fun last longer. Laminating the paper parts of the paper doll will make the donkey sturdier.

Donkey Paper Doll

Cut out the parts, and punch out holes designated by spots. Use paper fasteners (split pins or bras) to attach and secure the legs by pushing them through the holes. Take a thread and string in through the remaining two holes, then tie.

Your movable craft is ready. Pull the threads and enjoy playing with your running donkey.

Donkey Movable Paper Doll Template

Horse Movable Paper Doll Template

Run or jump like a horse with our horse movable paper doll template. The craft is fun and easy to assemble and requires only a few materials.

Horse Paper Doll

The set includes a black and white version and three pre-colored pages. Make your movable paper horse craft, print out the preferred template on heavier print paper, or use construction paper to make it last longer. You can also laminate the pieces of the doll.

Each page comes with instructions on how to assemble your horse craft. Punch out the holes where needed (marked as black and white dots). Use split pins (paper fasteners) and push them through (through the white marked dots you’ve punched out). String a thread through the remaining two holes and tie.

You can also glue the crafts stick to the back of your movable horse doll to hold it effortless.

Now pull the threads, and your horse will move its legs and jump around.

Horse Movable Paper Doll Template

Christmas Clothespin Puppets

Printable Christmas Clothespin Puppets

Have fun for Xmas assembling and playing with the Christmas Clothespin Puppets!

The festive characters that can open and close their mouth will be exciting.

Printable Christmas Clothespin Puppets

The set includes ten different Christmas characters: Santa, Mrs. Santa, an elf, Mrs. elf, a snowman with a Xmas hat, Christmas deer, Rudolph the Reindeer, a penguin with a Xmas hat, Gingerbread Man, and Mrs. Gingerbread.

Each character can open and close their mouth when squeezing the clothespin.

You have to print out the pre-colored or printer-friendly version (that kids can color), cut out the characters,  cut through the mouth line, and glue the parts onto the clothespin.

Have a jolly Christmas!

Christmas Clothespin Puppets

Community Workers Clothespin Puppets

Teaching your kids about community helpers? Make it more fun with this wonderful set of community workers clothespin puppets.

There are many occupations including; firefighter, police officer, teachers, nurse, doctor, farmer, post office worker, construction worker, cook… All of them with both genders and multiple skin tones.

Snake Clothespin Puppets Template

If you love puppets and reptiles, this craft combination will be perfect to make. Print out the snake clothespin puppets template and have fun.

Snake Clothespin Puppets

This papercraft is great for kindergartners, as it doesn’t require much work to assemble. There are two available pages – a full-colored one and a pre-friendly one, that kids can color. You can make these snakes look either left, right or make two of the same snakes looking in different directions.

All you’re going to need is this template, coloring supplies, scissors, glue and clothespins.

Snake Clothespin Puppets Template

Cow Movable Paper Doll Template

Make your own farm animals puppet starting with our cow movable paper doll template. The craft is easy to assemble and fun to play.

Cow Paper Doll

To make this paper doll, download and print out the template. To make the movable cow last longer, use heavier print paper or construction paper. You can choose between a printer-friendly version that kids can color or a full-color one.

After you color the template, cut out the body and legs, then punch out the holes (as designated by spots). Push paper fasteners (split pins) through the holes to secure the legs. Use a thread and string it through the other two holes and tie.

Your movable cow project is ready. Pull the threads and your paper cow will move its legs.

Cow Movable Paper Doll Template

Community Workers Paper Bag Puppets

These community workers paper bag puppets are a fun starting point to learning about different occupations.

The printable paper bag puppets are entertaining to play with and easy to assemble.
Students can color the printer friendly-version or use pre-colored templates. After the community workers are cut out of the template, kids will glue the body and the head separately onto the paper bag.

Community Workers Paper Bag Puppets

These printable paper bag puppets are perfect for kids in preschool, kindergartners, and older kids who want to learn about them through play.

There are 16 different community helpers paper bag templates in this set: a pilot, a sailor, a soldier, a UK police officer, a teacher, a plumber, a veterinarian, a US police officer, a firefighter, a construction worker, a doctor, a nurse, a farmer, a mail carrier, a cook, and a flight attendant.

Printable Community Workers Paper Bag Puppets Craft for Kids

Tortoise and Turtle Clothespin Puppets

Make a couple of chitty chatty clothespin puppet turtles.

This craft is really easy to make, print the template, cut out the turtles and glue them on the clothespin. Press the clothespin and watch the turles move their mouth. This is a great craft to spark imagination with kids and a wonderful addition to story time.

Print the precolored ones or the black and white ones that your kids can color in all by themselves.

Turtle Clothespin Puppet Printable Template

Bird Movable Paper Doll Template

You can make this bird movable paper doll template as colorful as you want – so many little spaces to color and so easy to make.

To make this paper doll bird craft, print out the template (the black and white one to color in or the full color one) – best paper to use is heavier print paper or construction paper. You could also use regular paper and laminate the doll.

Punch holes where needed (as designated by spots). Push split pins (paper fasteners or bras that you can purchase in office supply stores, craft stores or similar). Push split pins through the designated holes and secure the wings. String thread through designated holes and tie. Pull threads to make your bird flap it’s wings.

Bird Movable Paper Doll Template

Butterfly Movable Paper Doll Template

Flutter in the air with our butterfly movable paper doll template.

This butterfly craft paper doll is pretty easy to assemble – just print it on heavier print paper (construction paper), or laminate. Use split pins to secure the wings on the butterfly’s body – this will help those wings move. Split pins are also known as paper fasteners and brads and can be purchased in craft stores, office supply stores and “dollar store” type stores that offer office supplies.

Once the paper fasteners are in place, string a thread through the holes for the thread, tie the thread and pull – your butterfly will flutter it’s wings.

Butterfly Movable Paper Doll Template

Penguin Clothespin Puppets

Penguin Clothespin Puppets

Penguin clothespin puppets make for a great winter craft for kids.

If you are studying polar animals, this set of printable puppets will be a fun addition to your unit study. 4 different penguin desings are included in this set, and each and every one of them comes in both black and white design the kids can color in by themselves and a precolored version that is ready to go.

Simple instructions are included on every page of this printable.

Printable Penguin Clothespin Puppets

Snowman Clothespin Puppets

Snowman Clothespin Puppets

When your kids can’t play outside and make snowmen, they can still play with snowmen indoors. Print these snowman clothespin puppets and let the fun begin.

These are a great winter craft as well as a Christmas craft project for kids to make. They are finished in no time and offer hours of play time after they are assembled.

There are 4 different snowman designs and each of them comes both in black and white as well as in full color. On top of that, each version also comes both in left and right facing direction. Simple instructions are included on each sheet too.

Printable Snowman Clothespin Puppets

Turkey Clothespin Puppets

It’s time for silly turkeys! These 4 turkey clothespin puppets desings will be a huge hit both at home or in your classroom. It’s a fun fall craft to make with your kids, it’s easy to set up, quick to make, and a ton of fun to play with.

All that you need to make this project is the printed template, wooden clothespin, glue, scissors and if you will be printing the black and white version of this project your child’s favorite coloring supplies. Simple instructions are included on each printable sheet.

These turkeys make a fun Thanksgiving craft too.

Printable Turkey Clothespin Puppets