Christmas Cones Craft Templates

Christmas Cones Craft Templates

Ready for some fun and easy crafts? We’re sharing our Christmas cones craft templates – they are the perfect festive activity for kids to spread holiday cheer!

Christmas Cones Craft Templates

This set comes in two versions, offering endless possibilities for festive fun: choose among a black and white edition for a personalized touch and the vibrant full-colored version for instant festive crafting.

You’ll find two sizes of cone templates in the set that kids can quickly assemble, creating cute Christmas characters.

There are 8 different characters in the set. From the iconic Santa Claus and his trusty reindeer to the jolly snowman, cute polar bear, playful penguin, mischievous elf, festive Christmas tree, and lovely Mrs. Santa.

These Christmas cones can be used in various ways – kids can transform them into table decorations, make beautiful additions to festive displays around the house, spread joy in every corner, or make personalized gifts for friends and family.

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Printable Christmas Cones Craft Templates

Build a Puppet Christmas Craft

Build a Puppet Christmas Craft Template

Bring joy to your home or your classroom with our build a puppet Christmas craft templates. In this festive activity, your kids will create cute Christmas paper puppets that are so much fun to play with.

Build a Puppet Christmas Craft Template

The whole set includes 5 Christmas characters.

Kids can assemble a Santa Claus, an elf, a reindeer, a snowman, or a penguin puppet – all of them available as black and white puppets for kids to color in or use as stencils to trace on colored paper or as a pre-colored Christmas craft templates that do not require coloring.

Simple to follow instructions are included with every character.

Regular print paper or cardstock are best for this craft.

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Build a Puppet Christmas Craft

Christmas Split Pin Puppets Template

Christmas Split Pin Puppets

Christmas split pin puppets bring a touch of nostalgia to your home. In this printable PDF template, there is a selection of all-time favorite Characters that your kids (or yourself) will love assembling. It’s a super fun Christmas craft to make.

These cute characters are super easy to assemble and fun to play with.

Christmas Split Pin Puppets

This festive set includes many printable templates all of them available in both black and white and full-colored versions.

Using split pins, kids will create movable Christmas characters that will make the season extra special. Print the templates, poke the holes, and assemble the characters.

Heavier print paper/construction paper is best for printing these, however, you can also print them on regular print paper, cut the parts, and laminate them.

There are eight different Xmas puppets in this set: Santa Claus, a reindeer, two elves, an angel, a snowman, a Gingerbread Man, and a nutcracker.

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Christmas Split Pin Puppets Craft

Reindeer Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving Day Coloring Sheets

If you’re in search of holiday-themed coloring content, these reindeer coloring pages have something to suit every taste.

Thanksgiving Day Coloring Sheets

In this set of 30 delightful designs, you’ll find a wide range of options, from easy and enjoyable ones with larger easy-to-color in areas for the youngest kids to more intricate patterns older kids will enjoy (some reindeer are even wearing jolly-looking Christmas sweaters).

These Christmas coloring pages can be bound together to create a little reindeer-themed coloring book for your little one to enjoy during the holidays.

These can be printed on regular print paper, if you or your kids will be using markers to color them in we do recommend using cardstock.

Recycling tip: print these on the back of old worksheets or other used papers. Once ready to toss these out, instead of throwing the paper in the trash, use it for other art activities.

To access the printable set, either sign in to your account or join us as a member to unlock a wealth of fun and educational resources.

Reindeer Coloring Pages

Reindeer Paper Craft Template

Hop in the Christmas mood and print out our Reindeer Paper Craft Template.

It’s super easy to make, fun to assemble, and it will look great as a table decoration during holidays.

Reindeer Paper Craft Template

There are three different templates in this set. If you want to trace the reindeer parts, use the first version.

The following two versions don’t need tracing. Have your kids color the black and white version, or print out the full-colored one.

Your reindeer paper craft will look amazing as a table decoration.

Merry Christmas!

Reindeer Paper Craft Template

Reindeer Directed Drawing – How to Draw a Reindeer

Reindeer Guided Drawing Printable

Grab markers and print out our Reindeer Directed Drawing – How to Draw a Reindeer tutorial.

It’s super fun and easy to follow!

Reindeer Guided Drawing Printable

The set includes two different designs of a reindeer.

Kids will learn to draw a reindeer independently in ten simple steps if they use the first template.

You can choose which composition fits you best – print out the first version if your kids will draw on the same page as the tutorial is, or select the second one and draw the reindeer on a separate page.

The second design is Rudolph the reindeer wearing a scarf.

Again, choose which template works best for you and print it out.

Have fun for Christmas, and keep on learning.

How to Draw a Reindeer Step by Step Tutorial

Rudolph Reindeer Gift Craft Template

Have fun making something pretty for Christmas by coloring and assembling out Rudolph Reindeer Gift Craft Template.

It’s super fun and easy to put together.

Rudolph Reindeer Gift Craft

The set includes a printer-friendly and a full-colored template.

When the gift is closed, kids will see a candy cane, but when they slide the window, Rudolph the Reindeer will appear.

All you’ll need is a few tools – a split pin (for the movable window), glue, coloring supplies, and yarn for the bow.

Have fun!

Rudolph Reindeer Gift Craft Template

Paper Reindeer Garland Template

Celebrate Christmas by coloring and making your own decorations – have fun with our Paper Reindeer Garland Template. It’s super easy to make!

Paper Reindeer Garland

The set includes two versions – a printer-friendly template with two reindeer and a pre-colored version.

Print out at least two templates to get four reindeer for your garland. You can print out more to make your decoration even longer.

Thread yarn through the holes, and your garland is ready.

Paper Reindeer Garland Template

Reindeer Paper Toy Template

Make your own toy to use for play, as an ornament, or as a gift box with our paper reindeer box craft template.

The craft is easy to assemble, fun to color, and will be perfect for Christmas.

Reindeer Paper Toy

There are two versions of this reindeer paper toy – a printer-friendly one that kids can color, and a full-colored reindeer.

All you need is a few materials to assemble it. Follow the provided instructions on how to put it together and enjoy the Xmas vibes with your new toy.

Reindeer Paper Toy Template

Reindeer Card Craft Template

Have you already made your greeting cards for these holidays? Have fun coloring and assembling your Reindeer Card Craft Template, and wish your loved ones Merry Christmas.

Reindeer Card Craft

The set includes two printable templates – a printer-friendly on, that kids can color independently and a full-colored version.

Assembling this reindeer card craft is easy with a help of our step-by-step instructions provided inside the set.

You can write any message inside of your card and make as many as you want.

Have fun crafting!

Reindeer Card Craft Template

Printable Christmas Carol Singers Craft Template

Carol Singers Christmas Craft

Bring the Christmas carol singers into your home with this fun and easy craft! Have a bunch of kids singing, a trio of reindeer or the snowmen.

Carol Singers Christmas Craft

While this craft comes both as a precolored template and a coloring page craft, we fill the latter is a more fun project. Color in this Christmas craft, cut it out and make a few simple folds. It’s all done and ready to bring joy into your home (or classroom). These also make wonderful Christmas cards for friends and family.

Christmas Carol Singers Craft

Printable Christmas Pop up Card Templates

We love making pop up cards, so we are happy to share this Christmas pop up cards collection with you – grab a Santa pop up card, a reindeer pop up card, an elf pop up card and a snowman pop up card.

Print out this Christmas craft, either the precolored templates or the full color ones and let the holiday fun begin.

Christmas Pop Up Cards - Reindeer, Santa, Elf and Snowman

Printable Reindeer Mask Template

Reindeer Mask

While we do praise Santa for all the gifts, fact is if there weren’t for the reindeer there would be no gifts under the Christmas tree. Santa wouldn’t be able to go all around the globe to deliver all those gifts.

This printable reindeer mask will complete your Christmas look, it’s a fun Christmas mask that can be used in the classroom or at home.

It comes as a pre-colored Rudolph the reindeer mask as well as a black and white mask for coloring which kids can decorate however they like.

Printable Reindeer Mask Template