3D Snail Craft Template

Introducing the printable 3D paper snail craft – perfect for parents and teachers alike, this craft is easy to make.


The template is pre-designed with all the necessary snail parts, including the snail’s body, shell, and antennas. Once printed, all you need to do is cut out the pieces and assemble them together.

Not only does this activity promote creativity and artistic expression, but it also helps kids develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. And with the option to color the snail any way they like, children will have a blast creating their own unique designs.

This 3D paper snail craft is perfect for use in classrooms, homeschooling, or at home.

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Printable Snail Mask Template

What would your kids do if they were snails? This question can be a fun writing assignment and to make things even more interesting why not also give your kids this cool printable snail mask template.

They can color in their own snail mask or use the full colored one.

Silly Snail Coloring Pages

Silly Snail Coloring Pages

These two silly snail coloring pages are perfect during spring and during the whole year round. Your kids or students will be coloring two unique pages of snails.

The designs are simple with big spaces and are appropriate for younger children (kindergarten and preschool).

The older ones can add some of their own backgrounds such as grass, rocks or anything they see fit.

Enjoy these slimy creatures and have fun coloring in the designs.

Silly Snail Coloring Pages