Printable Summer Coloring Pages

Ready for the Summer? Grab your coloring supplies and have fun with our Printable Summer Coloring Pages.

They are perfect for younger and older students.

Summer Coloring Sheets

The set includes 30 summer coloring sheets with designs ranging from the easiest to more detailed ones. The kids can use crayons, markers, colored pencils, or any other coloring supplies.

Summer Coloring Pages

Shark Coloring Pages

Get your crayons running this summer and color an extensive collection of shark coloring pages.

These sea animal sheets are perfect for kindergarteners and older kids, as the set includes various designs.

Shark Coloring Sheets

There are 30 different shark coloring pages in this set. You will get to choose your favorite ones, print them out, and let the fun begin. The motives of sharks go from the most easy-to-color to more detailed ones. Kids will love coloring these fantastic ocean animals.

Shark Coloring Pages

Summer Paper Craft Template

Ready for holiday vibes? Let’s make a nice summer craft completely out of paper. It’s super easy and fun to make.

Summer Paper Craft

You will need a few color papers to make this craft. We recommend using construction paper, but the regular one will also be fine. To make the summer paper craft you’ll need to cut out the template and trace the parts on colored papers. Instructions on how to assemble the craft are provided. Have fun!

Summer Paper Craft Template

Mermaid Guided Drawing – How to Draw a Mermaid

Dive into the ocean and swim with this mythical beauty by printing out our mermaid guided drawing – how to draw tutorial. It easy to follow and perfect for the summer holidays.

Mermaid Guided Drawing Printable

The set includes 2 pages with guided mermaid drawing.

On the first page, kids can draw the mermaid on the bottom half of the paper, while the second page includes bigger images and doesn’t have space for drawing.

Enjoy the summer while having fun learning how to draw.

How to Draw a Mermaid Step by Step Tutorial

Mermaid Coloring Pages

Ready for the underwater adventure? Print out these mermaid coloring pages and enjoy the summer coloring them.

They are perfect for kindergarteners and older kids who love these mysterious beauties.

Mermaid Coloring Sheets

The set includes 30 different mermaid coloring sheets. You can choose the ones with big motives for younger kids, and print the ones with more detailed motives for older students.

They will come in handy for holidays to keep your kids busy and active, coloring their beauties.

Mermaid Coloring Pages

Lobster Coloring Page

Keep your children busy for a while with a fun lobster coloring page.

This underwater animal lives mostly on the sea floor and has enormous claws. It will be perfect during the ocean animals unit and can be great during the summer holidays.

The design is simple, as it contains big areas for your kids or students to color them in. It is suitable for younger kids who love their crayons and older ones.

Lobster Coloring Page

Diver Coloring Page

This diver coloring page will be perfect during the summer. Kids will be coloring a young diver with flippers and a mask. In the background, there are two fishes, some corals, and seaweed.

The page is suitable for younger and older audience and can be colored in with ease.

The diver coloring page will be also a great addition to the oceans themed unit for your students.

Diver Coloring Page

Shark Color by Number Worksheets

This color by code worksheet is great for summer, especially during the shark week. Kids will be coloring different sections of the image by following the color key provided at the top of the page.
They will work on numbers all up to 7, simproving their number recognition and strengthening their fine motor skills at the same time.

After they’re done coloring the sections with accurate colors, the image of a cute shark will reveal.
These types of color by code worksheets are perfect for pre-K and kindergartners who love using their coloring supplies and need some fun number practice.

Printable Ice Cream Craft

Set up a pretend play ice cream shop, just print out these adorable ice cream crafts and have the kids design their own popsicles and cones. After all an ice cream shop will only stand out if they serve unique and delicious ice cream.

This summer craft template has a bunch of different ice cream and cone designs that come both in black and white for kids to color as well as a pre-colored version for teachers to use to save on time.

Ice Cream Craft Printable Template

Tissue Paper Jellyfish Craft Template

This fun summer craft will look great with tissue paper or as an more environment friendly alternative, newspaper that kids color / paint first. Add a string for hanging and you have a cool little decoration for your home or for your classroom – it will make a lovely dance in the air.

Template comes with craft instructions.

Tissue Paper Jellyfish Craft for Kids


Scissor Skills Jellyfish Craft

This wonderful craft will turn out best if you make the jellyfish body and tentacles in different colors. This can be done either by printing the template on papers in different colors or having the kids color in the templates by themselves.

Two sizes are included so these are suitable for younger kids too. Great for cutting beginners as the body of the jellyfish slightly curvy but big enough so it’s easy to cut, while the tentacles are made by straight cuts only.

A fun summer craft for preschool and kindergarten.

Jellyfish Crafts for Kids With Printable Template

Printable Shark Pop up Card

This shark is ready to take a bite! Make the coolest shark pop up card with your kids – this little craft is quick and easy to make and it’s made to entertain.

Print the template (multiple sizes available both in full color and black and white), color if you printed the black and white version and cut around the card. Also cut a rectangle out of red construction paper in the same size as the card. Fold both in half. Cut along the zig zag line between the teeth, make a couple of folds, add a dab of glue and you are done. A wonderful summer craft or a shark week craft for shark fans.

Shark Pop Up Card Printable Template

Printable Summer Activity Book

Summer Basic Skills Activity Book

This summer activity book is great for early learners. It’s perfect for entertaining the kids during the summer break while getting them ready for preschool or kindergarten. This summer quiet book also wonderful to use for revision of basic skills and concepts that they have already learned.

The book includes:

  • matching colors with color words with flip flops
  • counting to 10 by counting and matching the number of seeds in a watermelon
  • shapes beach – matching the shapes with outlines
  • simple CVC words activity – build 4 CVC words
  • number sense – build a turtle shell
  • puffer fish size matching
  • upper and lower case letter matching with ice creams
  • telling time

Print, laminate, assemble and watch your kids have fun while learning.

Printable Summer Activity Book

Printable Colorful Summer Activity Book

Printable Colorful Activity Book

This fun summer quiet book / activity book is made with kindergarten and grade 1 in mind.

A set of 5 activities focuses on:

  1. 3D shapes. Match the sandcastles with their outlines and learn how the shapes are called.
  2. Colors and complementary colors. Match the sea shells (color word with color) and look at the arrows to find out which color is a complementary color to each one.
  3. Numbers from 1 to 100. A pearl matching activity. You can either cut the little pearls and use Velcro for kids to attach the pearls or have them write in the numeral in each pearl.
  4. Color mixing. What do you get if you mix red and blue? Or white and black? Blue and yellow? Let the kids explore color mixing as they build surfs, bunnies and paddles.
  5. Sea animals vocabulary. Match the sea creatures with their outlines and learn their names as you go.
  6. Beach vocabulary. Match different objects that go on a beach and practice reading and beach vocabulary as you go.

Colorful Summer Quiet Book - Fun Learning Activity Book for Kids

Diver Coloring Page

This summer coloring page is great for the summer break or to take along on a summer vacation.
Kids will be coloring a young diver with flippers and a mask. In the background, there are two fish, some corals, and seaweed.
The page is suitable for younger and older audience and can be colored in with ease.
The diver coloring page will be also a great addition to the oceans themed unit for your students.

Diver Coloring Page

Silly Mermaids Coloring Pages

This collection of silly mermaid coloring pages is great for younger and older children. 4 fun designs included with quite a bit of magical details to color in.
These summer coloring pages have are appropriate even for older kids who love to color and they can even draw their own backgrounds.
The pages will come in handy when learning the letter “M”, during summer too.

Silly Mermaid Coloring Pages (1)

Tortoise Coloring Page

Tortoise Coloring Pages
This summer coloring page is perfect for your preschoolers and kindergarteners. Kids will love it!
The design is easy to color in and will be great during the summer. It will go right along with the reptiles unit and can be great for morning work.
Kids can choose their favorite markers and color its shell, head, and legs in different colors.

Tortoise Coloring Page

Summer Coloring Pages

Summer Coloring Pages

This set of coloring pages is great for summer. There are five easy to color summer designs in this set – which makes them great for younger kids.

Children can use their favorite coloring supplies and color the beach on the first page. On the second page, kids will be having fun coloring the 3 ice creams. On the following one, there are two bugs on the grass. The fourth page includes a big sun with sunglasses, and on the last one, children will color a sailboat.Summer Coloring Pages for kids